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  1. I love listening to Gladden when he's asleep. Or when I'm drunk.
  2. Bunch of diehards around here. Or west-coasters with nothing better to do.
  3. Yes. errrr, no, I have no idea what you're talking about. /thread over
  4. Way late to the party, and mickey beat me to it by 6 hours or so, but the hell with it. SEASON OVER!
  5. Bring the Lynx in, maybe they can teach all the other Minnesota teams a thing or two about winning something.
  6. Not just the name of the town, every last ounce of resident information as well.
  7. Concur, concur, concur. Sano, playing to his capabilities, adds something to the lineup that they're not going to ever add through any type of in-season acquisition later. "It's just like making a trade....only better." ©­®­™
  8. That's what I'm hoping for. He's likely stretched there defensively, but how many days off does Polanco need (sans injury)?
  9. You don't need a silver spoon to buy a beater that'll move you from point A to B and back again. What's preposterous is painting it as though you need to save for years to buy a vehicle with cash.
  10. Check back in October, you might have to get in line. Metaphorically, maybe.
  11. Hopefully! As with Buxton, I went from expecting production, to accepting any production.
  12. This is brilliant, and highly amusing. I'd sign.
  13. And there's really only one thing we like to digest in a game thread... Winner, winner, chicken dinner.
  14. 1. I think it's a great post. 2. Holy cow that's a lot to digest in a game thread.
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