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  1. I feel this just means we will never see Sano play a game in a Twins uniform again.
  2. IDK. I wouldn't be surprised if they did intend to change it, then after some public backlash they decided to come out and say they still will do Circle Me Bert signs, just it is no longer sponsored.
  3. I'm trying to get my wife to leave early to go watch the game. Otherwise I will be useless at work.
  4. What about optioning Vargas and giving Hunter and Escobar the DH ABs?
  5. Hey. I'm 0-3 at Target Field this year. Avoid going Tonight and Saturday since I will be in attendance.
  6. You want a player that puts the ball in play, not a guy to just strikeout. Vargas' ABs have been pitiful lately.
  7. Hunter kind of reminds you of a 2010 Griffey Jr.
  8. A lot of them do play SS in the minors coming up. Plouffe and Dozier both played SS some at the Major League level before being transitioned to a different position. Morneau was a catcher when we drafted him. Sano was signed out of the Dominican as a Shortstop. I try not to put too much stock into the initial position a player enters the minors at because depending on their talent, they have a good chance of being somewhere else when they hit the big league club.
  9. Shortstops are typically one of the most athletic players on their team. They get converted to other positions all the time. Dozier, Plouffe and Cuddyer were all SS when we drafted them.
  10. BTW, ChiTown, I have to admit. I went to two games in the opening homestand. They lost both. I can't give you crap anymore.
  11. Agreed. Good he got out of that inning without giving up a run, but he need a quick inning next round
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