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  1. The part you're missing here is that the suspension number of 60 days is based on a season being 162 games, meaning MLB thought that he deserved to miss 37% of a season. 39 games of a 60 game season is 65%, hardly fair. He already served 21 games of a 162 game season for 13%. The remaing 24% of a season would have him serving another 14-15 games of a 60 game season.
  2. Mauer, by many metrics, should've beaten out Moreland for the Gold Glove in 2017. Isn't that a more elite defensive year than Morneau ever had? real question. And wouldn't his advice be more valuable as a right-handed fielder?
  3. "Miguel Sano, contract extension fresh in hand, will be relocating 120 feet away as Josh Donaldson takes over the hot corner." um, 1st and 3rd are 127 feet apart. Just sayin'. and playin'. Another great article!
  4. still that inning would've been fine without the error. His other 3 innings: K, BB, K, 2B, GO K, BB, K, GO 1-2-3 (foul out, FO, K) Telling me that he didn't have any more in the tank? And who cares who he matches up against? The offense has to do their part regardless, which is why they don't figure into ERA. And don't the 2 unearned runs assume the double play?
  5. Yeah, but how many of those pitches were because of the errors? He wasn't exactly "sharp" that day, but we was still putting NY hitters away with less than his best stuff. AND you could argue that they pulled him early at 88 pitches. He might've been fine for another inning.
  6. Interesting that the Twins had 3 of the top 5 hitters with at least 350 PA in AB/HR in MLB in 2019. GarverTroutCruz (#2 as a qualifier behind Trout)YelichSanoThat's still A LOT of PA when considering that 502 is the qualifying amount. 70% of PA required is not really a small sample size. All 3 were better after the All-Star break too.
  7. You don't like that match-up? Berrios/Odorizzi combined for 3ER against the best offense in MLB in the postseason last year. Offense, BP, and defense under-performed, not SP (Except Dobnak). But 2 of 3 pitched well.
  8. I wouldn't call the 3 Yankees' starting pitchers "superior" this year to the Twins', by measure of season long performance, since starting pitching is what we're talking about. They performed better by having a deliberate game plan that countered what they had done most of the season, making the Twins' scouting reports off the mark. Berrios (season 3.68 ERA) v. Paxton (3.82) Dobnak (1.59) v. Tanaka (4.45) Odorizzi (3.51) v. Severino (1.50) Both teams had question marks in Dobnak and Severino, but I think that the other two sets of pitchers give MN a clear advantage. If all pitchers were
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