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  1. Thanks everyone for the responses! I know my plan isn't very likely happen, it is a bit of a dream scenario, but it's fun to dream, right? I will be very interested to see what actually happens. If I could have just one item happen from my plan, it would be signing Buxton to an extension. I'm sure many of us feel the same way.
  2. Here is my armchair GM plan for the Twins. Not sure how probable it is, but I think it is at least plausible. In the Rotation: we sign Stromen for the suggested $20 million a year for four or five years. I also bring back Pineda for $10 mil for a year or two. I put Dobnak in there as well, as I think he can be better than last year. He'll have a short leash, and we have plenty of other young options in the minors that can come get a tryout as needed or desired. Ober and Ryan round it out. Bullpen: bring in Knebel for $5 mil and Yimi Garcia for $2 mil, bring back Manaya, and give Moran a full time shot. Rogers is hopefully healthy and closes. Hitters: Our big splash is Seager for $30 mil a year. With this many high-quality shortstops available, the Twins should try to get one, and I would choose Seager. We can afford him by trading away Donaldson, and I left about $10 mil for the Twins to pay for him in a trade costs. Not sure who we would get back, probably not much more than a few lotto tickets. Arraez is our primary 3rd baseman, with Miranda coming up and relieving him often. Miranda was a monster last year in AAA, time to prove it at the big league level. There is lots of room in the line up for switching positions to give breaks. I would still have Arraez acting as a super utility guy, but he would spend most of his time at 3rd. I am in the "extend Buxton" camp, $15 mil a year plus incentives based on plate appearances. If it takes more guaranteed money, then so be it. Get it done! Let me know what you think. Thanks!
  3. I agree with what Nick and many others have said: we can't afford to let him walk away and blossom elsewhere. Better to take the plunge and sign him. I would rather live or die with Byron than wonder what might have been. My armchair GM move: Sign Buxton to a $15 mil/ year starting salary for at least 5 years, longer if he agrees. Put a player option on the last year if you have to. I would also put escalators based on plate appearances: 400 PA- $2.5 mil 450 PA- $2.5 mil 500 PA- $2.5 mil 550 PA- $2.5 mil Best case Buxton plays all year and earns $25 mil, worst case he plays hopefully half a year for $15 mil. I don't think we need to worry about his production, gone are the Paul Molitor days of "just try for a bunt single every time". If he plays, his production will be elite. I would be willing to take the risk, knowing that he would be worth it for even half a season at that price, knowing how good he has been. I would follow that up with getting the league's best 4th OF, either by free agency or trade (develop?), knowing Buck's injury history. Someone you feel comfortable playing every day if you have to. Assuming all are healthy (HAHAHAHAHAHA), you could have a OF/ 1B, DH rotation of Buxton, Kepler, Larnach, Kiriloff, 4th OF, and Arraez, with each of them playing five of every six games. I don't think this is too crazy, right? Let's hope Buxton would like it too.
  4. I highly doubt that we would run a lineup with three rookies when we are trying to contend. The signing of Donaldson shows that the front office sees our window of contention is now and in the immediate future, and they will not throw in the towel after bouncing out of the playoffs (again) after a winning season. Here's my armchair GM take on this: - I agree that Rosario will be gone. We should release him or trade him for hopefully a mid-level prospect or at least a lotto ticket. - Sign Cruz to a one year deal, let him DH until he proves he can't hack it anymore. We would have been sunk without his contributions this year, I'd hate to see what our lineup would look like without him. - Don't trade any of our core players just yet. 60 games was not really enough time to judge any player completely, and pretty much every player that struggled has shown to be better. Give them one more shot to prove this past season was an aberration. Besides, we shouldn't trade anyone when their value is so low. - Start Rooker in LF, and let Kiriloff come up when injury or ineffectiveness makes it necessary. As the season goes on, you can rotate Rooker, Kiriloff, Sano, and Cruz through three lineup spots so they can all play 3 out of every 4 games. - Pray for healthy years from Buxton and Donaldson! Bring up the prospects if they will miss extended time. - For the rotation, sign a midlevel or better SP (Bauer would be great, but keep dreaming). Resign Odorizzi and Hill to 1 year deals if they will accept. - For the bullpen, sign a couple good relievers. Resign May if you can. Goodbye Romo! If things are going well at the deadline, they can address any needs as aggressively as they want, as we have the prospects to make deals.
  5. You've hit the nail on the head, there is only one place to spend our money, and it's the rotation. Our window of contention is open for the next two to three years, so we need to capitalize now. Here is my armchair GM plan: - Sign Cole for whatever it takes We need an ace pitcher to compete in October, no bones about it. It will take a lot of money, but it needs to happen. I'd be willing to go up to $30 M/ year, maybe even $35 M. We have the money, we need that ace, and he'd be worth it. Give him a five year contract and call it a day. If Cole won't sign and Strasburg is around, sign him instead for similar numbers. - Trade for Noah Syndergaard The rumors were there during the season, it should come to fruition now. It will take a king's ransom, but our window is now. We will say we won't include Kiriloff or Lewis, but it will probably take one of them to get it done. Throw in whoever else from the farm system to make it happen. Thor has two years of team control left, so it's not a pure rental, making the prospect loss worth it (or at least sting a little less). - Bring back Odorizzi and Pineda Odo was solid, he's a fine mid-rotation piece. He may take the qualifying offer, or we could give him a three year, $15 M/year deal. Either would be fine. Pineda was really coming around in the second half of the year, having him as our 5th starter would be legit. Give him a one year $8- 10 M "prove it" deal. Berrios has been one of my favorite Twins since he came up, I would work on extending him too. We need to keep some home grown talent, and he is the closets we have to a star pitcher currently. My 2020 rotation: Cole/ Strasburg Syndergaard Berrios Odorizzi Pineda Throw in our intriguing young options, and that is a rotation that will stack up with any around the league. We have the funds and prospects to do this, let's get it done! Side note, I've been a fan of the website for years, I read it almost every day. I have always lurked around and just been a reader, but this topic made me want to comment for the first time. Let me know what you think of my plan. Go Twins!
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