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  1. Personally, I would LOVE one of the two catchers. Outside of Jeffers and Sanchez (who only has one year left on his contract anyways), I don't see any catcher who has a realistic shot to contribute to the big league club in the future.
  2. Thanks for the report! If you were to rank him, where would he land among twins prospects? Mlb.com puts him at 20, below Strotman and Sands but above Vallimont and Hajjar. Though Fangraphs puts him at 9, above SWR and below Canterino. If he's actually ranked above SWR, that makes him a borderline top 100 prospect.
  3. Thanks Jeremy! I love the draft too, and I'm looking forward to your series! According to most projections, it looks like there are ~3 college catchers with a first round grade. I'm hoping that at least one of them improve their stock to be worthy of a top 10 pick. Outside of Jeffers/Rortvedt, I don't see any young, big-league caliber catchers in the system. To me, that's the weakest aspect of our minor league system right now.
  4. Wow this is a great interview, and I think "mature, focused, well-mannered, & level-headed" all describe him quite well. Makes me pull for him even more! As far as expectations, I don't expect him to sniff the majors this year, though. I would assume the plan is the same as Miranda last year, meaning he'll start the year at AA. Then, if he has no setbacks and plays well, he'll move up to St. Paul late in the season. I think best case scenario is that he's a mid-season call up in 2023.
  5. Bringing the discussion to back to Sabato specifically (rather than draft philosophy generally), one important point is that he was drafted after his true sophomore year, rather than after his Jr. or Sr. year like most college picks. Furthermore, his bday is in June, making him one of the youngest players in his sophomore class (for comparison, on his draft day, Rooker was one year and 7 months older than Sabato was on his). Naturally, this means he might take a little more time to mature than the average college, bat-first player would be expected to.
  6. For an 11th round pick, I am perfectly fine with the Twins taking a high risk, high reward type of player. In fact, I wish they did that more with the late round picks.
  7. I mean that is a VERY high ask for only 1.5 years of Berrios, but then again, highballing (or lowballing) for your first offer is negotiation 101. A particular scene comes to mind...
  8. Well technically, Julien said that too. Then, the Twins made him an offer that he couldn't refuse. Since it appears that all of the draft picks besides Petty are likely candidates to be signed below slot, maybe we can do the same thing with Birdsell? His MLB.com profile said he was likely a top 5 round player if not for the injury, so I'd love to sign him!
  9. Also, one interesting trend I just noticed: it seems like the Twins like the Twins really like using the second round pick to take someone WAY below slot value. Each year since 2017, the Twins only paid their second round pick ~75-80% of their slot value. Landon Leach signed for $1,400,000 (slot value was $1,846,100). Jeffers signed for $800k (slot value was $1,140,600). Canterino signed for $1,100,000 (slot value was $1,338,500), and Soularie signed for $900,000 (slot value was $1,185,500)
  10. Agreed. I think that's ESPECIALLY true in the age of COVID, where scouts maybe only were able to watch a handful of games. Sure, everyone agrees on the top ~10 or so. After that, there is not a whole lot separating the 20th ranked player from the 50th.
  11. Assuming they actually could sign him, Madden would be an AWFULLY good value...
  12. I would do either deal, and I would be happy to do it. I also really like the idea of packaging our players together in these trades. By packaging guys together, we're more likely to get higher caliber prospects back. When looking at the prospects/players we'd get in return, I'd rather focus on quality over quantity.
  13. Thanks for the list! I think it will be really interesting to see who the Twins draft with the first few picks this year. They obviously have a strong preference for college batters, but every article I've read say that group is the weakest part of the draft. Sean Johnson said that the depth of college bats is as thin as any draft he can remember, and the real strength of this draft is the college pitching. Knowing that the Twins seem to have an aversion for college pitchers in the first three rounds (since Falvey/Lavine took over, Canterino is the only college pitcher they've drafted in the first three rounds), I wonder if the team will still pick a bat even if the college pitchers available are ranked slightly higher?
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