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  • Potential Twins Free Agent Targets: 8 Flying Under the Radar

    Tom Froemming

    You won’t find these guys listed on any of the top free-agent rankings, but here are eight under-the-radar players from this year’s class I think would make sense for the Minnesota Twins.

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    Twins Video

    I fully expect the Twins to provide a couple big gifts for fans to unwrap this offseason, but here are some other free agents who could be nice stocking stuffers: Pedro Baez, Tyler Chatwood, Mike Foltynewicz, Mitch Moreland, Yusmeiro Petit, Daniel Robertson, Jonathan Villar and Alex Wood.

    I explain why those players stick out to me as fits on the Twins in the video below.

    Let me know who your favorite under-the-radar free-agent targets are.


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    Alex Wood definitely brings value if healthy but seems to be taking the Rich Hill career path. Villar is interesting. Doesn't really have a middle infielder's body at 6-0, 233lb. but has a nice combo of switch hitting, power, speed and versatility. Sure would make a decent super utility guy. Don't know what kind of clubhouse guy he is. If Tyler Chatwood could find some consistency and control he could be a terror on the mound. That 1.51 whip ain't gonna cut it though. Foltynewicz could win the comeback player of the year for somebody, or his arm could fall off, anybody's guess. Nice list Tom.

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    Baez and Petit sure sound like the types of relievers the Twins have tended to sign over recent years, and Wood's name comes up a lot (probably the least under the radar guy on this list). Too many logs already at IB for Moreland, although he's one of those players I always respect/fear when he's coming to the plate. Robertson also sounds like a good option if Hernandez et al don't get signed for the utility role.

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    Wondering about Freddy Galvis. He's a switch-hitter who has handled both second and short over the years and only a year removed from being a regular. Still seems to have the wheels and range to be a competent middle infielder. He's also had some time in the outfield and third base. 

    Yep, Galvis is another name in that MIF mix that could certainly help this team. Somebody mentioned Kevin Pillar in the comments on YouTube, and he's most definitely a guy who makes sense, being a right-handed hitter capable of playing center field.


    Both of those guys have sub-.300 OBPs for their careers, but that's exactly why they're in this under-the-radar conversation. I could still see them being useful to the Twins in 2021.

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    Baez had a strained groin that limited his effectiveness and K% in "regular" season. 


    How much do you think Chatwood will sign for? You know the Twins love his spin rates but will they pay that much for a long reliever?


    Call To The Pen pegged Foltynewicz for a NRI to a bad team. In 2018, his average FB was 96.8 MPH; in 2019 it was 94.9; in 2020 it was 91.4 (but rumored to be in the 94's by the end of September). Unless he is throwing 96+ in that showcase, i can see giving him a split contract with a NRI and a signing bonus that doesn't have to be prorated and maybe on opt out.


    Moreland has a career wOBA of .328. Hard pass.


    You mentioned Petit's appearances. In those, he has averaged more than an inning an appearance. My concern is the decline in K%. He made $5.5M last year. Maybe for Clippard money this year.


    Robertson's career OBP is based on 1 year that is not like the others. But you got him on my radar. He could be a candidate for a split contract with a NRI and a signing bonus.


    I had targeted Villar. He signed for $8.2M in his 3rd year of arb. Do you think he can be had for $3M? Same question for Freddy Galvis?


    I love the thought of signing Wood for a deal like the Dodgers did as 5th starter assuming I can make the other moves I want. I don't know if he would fit in the budget, especially if the 4th starter is James Paxton or Corey Kluber.

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    How much do you think Chatwood will sign for? You know the Twins love his spin rates but will they pay that much for a long reliever?


    I can't imagine he'll be able to beat Michael Wacha's one-year, $3 million deal by much.

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