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I'm starting a new division.

Dr. Evil



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This will make things interesting for the bad teams and puts something in front of them that they have a reasonable chance of achieving. If your record gets too good you get relegated to a major league division and replaced with the next worst team.


MLB "AAAA" Division Standings

Team Wins Losses GB

Diamondbacks 3 8 0

Astros 3 6 1

Twins 3 6 1

Padres 3 6 1

Reds 3 6 1

Cubs 3 5 1.5

Mets 3 5 1.5

Phillies 3 5 1.5


As you can see, the Twins are already in the thick of the race. They will remain in contention throughout the season! Now I can cheer every time they rearrange the lineup to put Mastro batting leadoff or try to make a reliever out of "Wild Thing" while Tonkin remains in the minors. Bartlett making the team out of camp is now actually a good thing! The boys can really "get after it" and get guys "runnin all over the place" out there like field mice and still remain competitive in this division! It's a win - win as far as I'm concerned.


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I agree with the division sans the Reds. They won 90 games last year and have Cueto, Cingrani, Bailey, Latos, and Leake in their rotation.


I am going to take the liberty of adding my favorite Gardy-ism. Our pitchers are "really flipping it".

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