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2014 and Beyond - Coaching staff




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Love him or hate him, Gardy's fate is not in our hands. There are, as there should be, arguments to be made for keeping him, and for letting him go. Based on the fact that Terry Ryan won't commit either way, I think he is letting Gardy decide. He has a job if he wants one. I would like to see somebody different man the helm, like AAA manager Gene Glynn or, as mentioned in another posting, Dave Martinez. Both have ties to the Rays and, I believe, know how to handle younger players and a roster in constant flux.


Rick Anderson's fate should be a little clearer - don't bring him back. The game has passed him by. Pitching to contact can be a good thing, but doesn't apply the same to every pitcher. Some guys have the ability and the stuff to strike guys out, teach them how to use what they've got. Cuellar is already with the big league club and familiar with working many of the players, and also speaks Spanish. Promote him.



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