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Twiggy, the Squirrel- could be one of the best Twins Acquisition this year

Doctor Gast



Twins Video

Back in 2019, during the Twins' bid to get in the post season and beyond. A squirrel ran between Kepler's legs and ran around the field, the Twins responded w/ a rally and won that game. I had hoped that the Twins would've capitalized on that occurrance. They could find a domesticated squirrel to run across the field in rally situations to get the team and crowd in the game. I believed that could've gone a long ways, if there'd be any animal rights problems at least create a mascot (Rocky the Rally Squirrel) to run around the field. But alas that wasn't done, they instead dusted off the old Homer Hankies.


So I was excited when I saw they acquired Twiggy, the water skiiing squirrel




You might call me nuts but I think Twiggy's acquisition could give Simmon's a run for the money.



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