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Keeping Up With Twins Picks: 2018 Edition

Ted Schwerzler


June 4, 2018 kicks off the Major League Baseball draft. With the Minnesota Twins making their first selection at 20th overall, the next crop of future faces to grace Target Field will fill out in the coming days. As players come off the board, the professional careers of hundreds will begin in earnest. Although their impact won't be felt at the highest level for quite some time, this is a big event for Twins fans, the organization, and those now joining it.


Throughout the entirety of the 40 round process, you'll find players selected as well as their pertinent information updated below. Please take a look back at the 2017 class here.


Let's get into it:


Round 1, Pick 20- Trevor Larnach, OF Oregon State @trevorlarnach

Round 2, Pick 59- Ryan Jeffers, C UNC Wilmington @Ryan_Jeffers8

Round 4, Pick 124- DaShawn Keirsey, CF Utah

Round 5, Pick 154- Cole Sands, RHP Florida State @ColeSands

Round 6, Pick 184- Charles Mack, SS Williamsville East HS (NY)

Round 7, Pick 214- Josh Winder, RHP Virginia Military Institue

Round 8, Pick 244- Chris Williams, C Clemson

Round 9, Pick 274- Willie Joe Garry Jr., CF Pascagoula HS

Round 10, Pick 304- Regi Grace, RHP Madison Central HS @rjgrace1

Round 11, Pick 334- Michael Helman, 2B Texas A&M @theHELM_

Round 12, Pick 364- Jon Olsen, RHP UCLA

Round 13, Pick 394- Trevor Casanova, C CSU Northridge @TrevorCasanova

Round 14, Pick 424- Erick Rivera, OF Escuela Superior Urbana

Round 15, Pick 454- Kody Funderburk, LHP Dallas Baptist U @KodyFunderburk

Round 16, Pick 484- Anthony Tuionetoa, RHS Baldwin HS

Round 17, Pick 514- Erik Cha, LHS Cal St. Fullerton @_erikcha

Round 18, Pick 544- Andrew Cabezas, RHP Miami @Andrew35Cabezas

Round 19, Pick 574- Austin Schulfer, RHS UW Milwaukee @FollowSchulfer

Round 20, Pick 604- Seth Pinkerton, RHS U Hartford @S_Pink8

Round 21, Pick 634- Gabe Snyder, 1B Wright State @Gabe_Snyder

Round 22, Pick 674- Jacob Blank, RHS Augustana College @jacob_blank

Round 23, Pick 694- Albee Weiss, C CSU Northridge

Round 24, Pick 724- Michael Davis, 3B Texas Tech

Round 25, Pick 754- Laron Smith, C Foothills Composite

Round 26, Pick 784- Brian Rapp, RHP Boston College @Brapp1327

Round 27, Pick 814- Hunter Lee, RHR High Point @hunterthelee3

Round 28, Pick 844- Austin Hale, C Stetson @halea10

Round 29, Pick 874- J.T. Perez, LHS Cincinnati @JTPerez8

Round 30, Pick 904- Seth Halvorsen, RHP Heritage Christian Academy @HalvorsenSeth

Round 31, Pick 934- Zach Neff P, Miss St. @neffsaid13

Round 32, Pick 964- Ryan Holgate, OF Davis Senior HS @HolgateRyan

Round 33, Pick 994- Denny Bentley, LHP Howard College @denny_bentley33

Round 34, Pick 1024- Dylan Stowell, P California Baptist U @dylanstowell25

Round 35, Pick 1054- Tanner Howell, RHS Dixie St U @T_Howell329

Round 36, Pick 1084- Zac Taylor, CF Illinois @zactaylor15

Round 37, Pick 1114- Luke Ritter, RF Wichita St @RitterLuke

Round 38, Pick 1144- Dylan Thomas, RHS Hawaii

Round 39, Pick 1174- Bryce Collins, RHP Hart HS @Bryce_Collins21

Round 40, Pick 1204- Tyler Webb, SS Memphis @TWEBB8

For more from Off The Baggy, click here. Follow @tlschwerz

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I like our first round pick in Larnach. Plus power, and has a simple swing that he should't have to change much when he starts playing pro-ball. Hopefully he can work on getting into is back leg more and really develop a swing that can do some major league damage.

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