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About this blog

Cormac McCarthy is the Twins Daily eschatology correspondent. He is the author of The RoadNo Country for Old MenThe Border TrilogyBlood Meridian, and the upcoming Every Man for Himself and God Against All: The Story of the 2021 Minnesota Twins

Entries in this blog

The Unvoiced: Volume Three, The Leverage Trilogy

Read Volume One here Read Volume Two here The phone rang again. No one moved so the visitor took it upon himself to answer. He listened for a moment and then hung up. Who’d they want, said one of the pitchers.  None of you, said the visitor. He called to say none of you are fit for the purpose at hand. He has chosen the one called La Tortuga. That mean we’re off the hook? No. Your fate is entwined in his. Should he allow any runs, all of you must answer for the indi

Blood Quotidian: Volume Two, The Leverage Trilogy

Read Volume One here The last time he had been inside in a bullpen was in Coahuila to hold a vaquero accountable for bedding the hacendado’s wife. Yet somehow this bullpen held more misery. In one corner the pitchers sat on chairs huddled around a few desultory flames and passed around a small roasted animal impaled on a stick, their faces still firelit beneath some kind of soft velvety hood. He walked closer and saw they were all clad in identical robes, like tunics belonging to an an

The Evening Sadness in the Central: Volume One, The Leverage Trilogy

Horse and rider emerged from the yawning chasm beneath the field, as if escaping the jaws of some unfeeling limestone beast. He sat his horse and glassed downcountry. Through a veil of dust coppered by bloodred sunset he could make out the number 411 painted on a fence. Just beyond that number, swaddled in bootblack darkness, lay his warrant. A place whose dominion belonged neither to God nor man but a purgatory of whose provenance none were certain and all feared but him. He would go to the bul
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