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Dump the Arizona Fall League

I was thinking about the Arizona Fall League (hereafter referred to as AFL) and how to improve it.  I don't like that only a limited number of Twins' players are allowed to participate.  My conclusion is to dump the AFL and replace it with the FPL (the Fall Prospect League).  The FPL would consist of two divisions (Florida and Arizona) and be based at the spring training facilities of each MLB team..  The players selected for each franchise's 30-player roster would consist of any minor leaguers

Pitch Framing - Real or Fake Measurement

I was watching a game today and paid extra attention to the catcher.  He is considered one of the worst pitcher framers in the game.  He wasn't too fluid in his motions but he also did not have much to work with.  How is good pitch framing defined?  Is it the number of strikes called by the umpire that technology determined were not really in the strike zone?  If that is a true statement, then I think there is an inherent problem.  If a pitch is slightly out of the zone and the catcher pulls it

A Letter to the Twins Front Office and to Buxton's Agent

Here is my theoretical letter to the Twins ownership and to the agent for Byron Buxton concerning to current negotiations to extend Buxton’s contract. A Letter to Falvey/Levine/Pohlad and B.B. Abbott Dear Sirs: It is my understanding that all of you are in basic agreement concerning the base salary for an extension for Byron Buxton and that the holdup is the incentives.  Because your negotiations are done in private (as they should be), I have no idea what the concerns of each sid


terrydactyls in Twins Baseball

2022 Off-Season Moves by terrydactyls

Welcome to the terrydactyls 2022 off-season moves.  My decisions had a couple of assumptions. 1. Buxton is extended at a base of $15M a year plus incentives. 2. A trade is made with the Miami Marlins.  The Twins trade Kepler, Arraez, Garver, and Wood Richardson in exchange for Sandy Alcantera and Richard Bleier (LHRP).  This seemingly lopsided trade was necessary to balance the trade on baseballtradesimulator.com.  If the trade can be completed with less assets moving to Miami, that's


terrydactyls in Twins Baseball

40 Man Roster and the Rule 5 Draft

Here is one person's thoughts on how to handle the 40 Man roster and the upcoming Rule 5 draft.  I obtained the current roster from MLB.com and the Rule 5 eligibles from a Twins Daily article. There are currently 42 names on the active roster including the 60-day IL and pending free agents.  From this list, I would drop the following: Charlie Barnes Alex Colome Ralph Garza, Jr Griffen Jax  Michael Pineda Devin Smeltzer  Lewis Thorpe  Williams Astudill


terrydactyls in Twins Baseball

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