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2016 MLB Mock Draft 1.0

Posted by Hrbowski , 28 April 2016 · 3,133 views

2016 mlb draft mock draft
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Today is the first night of the NFL Draft, which means that it is time for us to start doing MLB Mock Drafts.

Philadelphia Phillies - #1
Delvin Perez - Shortstop - IBA (Puerto Rico)
The Phillies have a history of going with toolsy high school players, and Perez fits the bill. One drawback is that the Phillies already have the #1 shortstop prospect in baseball. Jason Groome and Mickey Moniak should be in the running here as well.

Cincinnati Reds - #2
Nick Senzel - Third Base - University of Tennessee
Senzel has shot up draft boards this spring and for now looks like a top five pick. Groome, Kyle Lewis, and Corey Ray could also happen right here.

Atlanta Braves - #3
Jason Groome - Left Handed Pitcher - Barnegat High School (New Jersey)
Groome is considered by most to be the #1 prospect in the draft, and the Braves are unlikely to let him drop past them. Georgia native Kyle Lewis and Florida lefty AJ Puk should be in play for #3 overall.

Colorado Rockies - #4
Kyle Lewis - Outfielder - Mercer
Lewis has been on fire this spring, and he will not fall out of the top six unless something unusual happens. Ray, Puk, Blake Rutherford, and Riley Pint will also be considered.

Milwaukee Brewers - #5
Riley Pint - Right Handed Pitcher - Saint Thomas Aquinas High Schol (Kansas)
Lately the Brewers have been going with prep players with high ceilings, and Pint's ceiling is as high as they come. Rutherford or Moniak would also fit the bill.

Oakland Athletics - #6
Corey Ray - Outfield - Louisville
Although it is a myth that the A's only draft college players, Ray is a solid college hitter who would interest the A's. Moniak or Miami catcher Zack Collins will also be of interest to the A's.

Miami Marlins - #7
Blake Rutherford - Outfield - Chaminade College Prep (California)
The Marlins have had success with high school players, and if they think Rutherford can stick in center he would likely be the pick. Moniak, Puk, or Joey Wentz could be picked here as well.

San Diego Padres - #8
Mickey Moniak - Outfield - La Costa Canyon High School (California)
The Padres could pick just about anyone here, but I am going with the South Cal kid.

Detroit Tigers - #9
Ian Anderson - Right Handed Pitcher - Shenendehowa High School (New York)
Anderson is the kind of pitcher that the Tigers love. Forrest Whitley is another pitcher who the Tigers could take here.

Chicago White Sox - #10
AJ Puk - Left Handed Pitcher - University of Florida
The White Sox almost always take the best college pitcher available, and they would love for Puk to fall to them.

Seattle Mariners - #11
Josh Lowe - Third Baseman - Pope High School (Georgia)
There is debate about whether or not Lowe should be a pitcher or hitter, but I think the Mariners would prefer a hitter.

Boston Red Sox - #12
Dakota Hudson - Right Handed Pitcher - University of Mississippi
As the draft gets thinner it gets much harder to predict, and a poor class this year makes it even more difficult, but Hudson seems like a pick that would fit well at #12. Collins, Wentz, or Connor Jones could also be taken here.

Tampa Bay Rays - #13
Joey Wentz - Left Handed Pitcher - Shawnee Mission East High School (Kansas)
Wentz has come out of nowhere this spring, and is only behind Riley Pint from a very strong class in Kansas. Other players the Rays could take are Alex Kirilloff and Buddy Reed.

Cleveland Indians - #14
Buddy Reed - Outfielder - University of Florida
The Indians have a history of going with college outfielders, and Buddy Reed is a player that will likely go in the middle of the first round. Bryan Reynolds could also be taken here.

Minnesota Twins - #15
Braxton Garrett - Left Handed Pitcher - Florence High School (Alabama)
Garrett is a polished lefty who is very similar to what Clayton Kershaw was when he was in high school, and I would love to see them go with Garrett here. Nolan Jones, Will Benson, Zack Collins, Logan Shore, and Will Craig could be taken here as well.

Los Angeles Angels - #16
Connor Jones - Right Handed Pitcher - University of Virginia
The Angels have not had many first round picks, so I am going with the best player available. Whitley, Matt Manning, or Kyle Muller could be taken here as well.

Houston Astros - #17
Nolan Jones - Shortstop - Holy Ghost Prep (Pennsylvania)
It has been a while since the Astros have not had one of the top two picks, but they usually go with prep players with high ceilings. Whitley, Kirilloff, and Manning could go here as well.

New York Yankees - #18
Matt Manning - Right Handed Pitcher - Sheldon High School (California)
The Yankees often go with pitchers, and Manning has moved up draft boards quickly this spring. If Cal Quantrill pitches well this spring he could go here.

New York Mets - #19
Alex Kirilloff - Outfield - Plum High School (Pennsylvania)
Kirilloff is another late mover, and the Mets have a history of going with prep players.

Los Angeles Dodgers - #20
Cal Quantrill - Right Handed Pitcher - Stanford
Last year the Dodgers selected two college righties who had fallen, and this seems like a mutually good fit.

Toronto Blue Jays - #21
Jordan Sheffield - Right Handed Pitcher - Vanderbilt
The Blue Jays have been taking college righties who have fallen down boards like Jon Harris and Jeff Hoffman, and Sheffield seems like a good pick.

St. Louis Cardinals - #22
Robert Tyler - Right Handed Pitcher - University of Georgia
Once again we have a team that takes college righties who have fallen, and Tyler should be a good pick right here.

Apr 29 2016 02:03 PM

I normally don't like to draft for need in the MLB due to the long time it takes between the draft and the MLB.But at #15 if nobody has drafted a catcher I would like to see the Twins spring on the best one.  



I normally don't like to draft for need in the MLB due to the long time it takes between the draft and the MLB.But at #15 if nobody has drafted a catcher I would like to see the Twins spring on the best one.  

There really isn't a catcher who you could do that with. Collins won't stick behind the plate, and there are still questions about Okey. The ones who will remain catchers should still be available with our second pick.