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  1. Well, I tried #3 but you have to have a user name that’s longer than 2 characters. And you do know that was Killebrew’s number, my all-time favorite Twin. So there is significance in that.
  2. Glad to see someone else is taking jinx statements seriously. Hope that dude really felt it, too. WTH is ‘Nine of Twelve’ anyway ... wouldn’t it just have been easier to call himself Three-Quarters? Or is 9 of 12 a Star Trekkie thing?
  3. Lots of jinx statements in this thread. Isn’t there a rule on that?
  4. Ah, but alas ... no big family gathering tomorrow for me ... I’ll be making myself a juicy lamb burger instead.
  5. I always thought so. Really not a fan of ham. Except for Chief. He’s a good ham.
  6. We always had lamb on Easter ... something about it feels so much more religious than ham.
  7. I think history has shown that I, in fact, was not in a coma and was actually more astute than you, considering the resulting decline of our country, largely due to Reaganomics of the 80’s.
  8. Then along came Reaganomics of the 80s and we’ve been in decline ever since.
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