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  1. Um, way to attack when my post was exactly what you said ... who signs where. I’m happy for Hicks getting a good contract for himself with the Yankees. Good for him. And I’m sorry Hicks is injured and hope he’s back in it soon. I’m not sure why we need to start talking about Gary Matthews, etc. I don’t understand the need for you to start labeling me snippy and laconic.
  2. This. And honestly, who cares what the Yankees spend on him? He signed a good contract for him, so good for him. Sorry he’s injured and hope he gets back out there soon.
  3. When I was down earlier, I noticed no TK. Is his health too poor these days, or is he ‘not on board’ with all the newfangled changes?
  4. I watched two episodes. Nothing compelled me to jump at the rest. I may eventually.
  5. Is this someone different, or did you mean SHERYL Crow?
  6. I was at the game today and have to say I am now very intrigued by Perez. Or maybe I’m more intrigued by Wes Johnson. Time will tell if maybe Perez or Johnson or both end up being great off-season acquisitions. And I didn’t know the speeds of the pitches ... was just looking at the over all performance. Was great ... in a very small sample size of 3 innings in a spring training game.
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