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  1. If he loved baseball so much he should have retired before he was actively hurting the game. He wasn't good at his job for the last 5-10 years, he just wanted the record so people would look at him. That is selfishness, not love of the game.
  2. If he can play short on a regular basis remains to be seen. It looks like his future is a super utility type. I think that's a good role for him on this team and he could replace any value Astudillo brings. I saw some one mention he has a plus arm. Really? Is that a consensus? He sure doesn't pass the eye test for me. Especially in the OF. If I'm coaching first or third against the Twins and Gordon is anywhere in the OF, I'm wind-milling till my arm falls off. Maybe the arm plays in the INF but it sure doesn't look like it in the OF.
  3. I don't think I like this much. If you're the worst player on a bad team maybe just keep your mouth shut. Keep getting MiLB guys out and let the numbers speak. Even if the Twins did mess him up, are reporters really the people to bring this up with? How about a coach, manager or other FO guy? It's not that I don't believe him, we all know the Twins track record in developing pitchers, just don't go whining to the media.
  4. I think Brock's got it. All JD's stuff is baseball related, no DUI's, arrests or atrocious social media comments (correct me if I'm wrong, but I haven't seen it). We're supposed the hate the White Sox and they're supposed to hate us. Baseball is better when there are heated rivalries. I want more JD antics. not less. Let's see if he can get the rest of the division to hate us and hope it lights a fire under the rest of the boys.
  5. Arbitration is still a thing, right? Stats drive contracts. More HRs equal more money. How are we even talking about this? I understand the issue with ignoring the take sign, but since when do we have press conferences about individual players mistakes? I thought the "Old School" manager was supposed to protect his players and handle the issues behind closed doors. What a joke.
  6. At what point do you let Molitor off the hook a bit for players just playing downright bad. I'm not saying none of this debacle is Molly's fault, the buck has to stop somewhere. But Dozier?...come on! Nunez is the best player on the team right now?...ugg. Only one half of the pitching staff works at a time, either you get decent starters or decent relievers (or neither). This team isn't this bad, is it? I say SELL, SELL, SELL! Go young ASAP.
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