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  1. Arbitration is still a thing, right? Stats drive contracts. More HRs equal more money. How are we even talking about this? I understand the issue with ignoring the take sign, but since when do we have press conferences about individual players mistakes? I thought the "Old School" manager was supposed to protect his players and handle the issues behind closed doors. What a joke.
  2. At what point do you let Molitor off the hook a bit for players just playing downright bad. I'm not saying none of this debacle is Molly's fault, the buck has to stop somewhere. But Dozier?...come on! Nunez is the best player on the team right now?...ugg. Only one half of the pitching staff works at a time, either you get decent starters or decent relievers (or neither). This team isn't this bad, is it? I say SELL, SELL, SELL! Go young ASAP.
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