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  1. Guess that's a new one to add to the list.
  2. Hell of a few years for Sano. Has titanium rod inserted into shin, gets accused of sexual battery, reports to 2018 camp at like 290 pounds, misses significant time in 2018, gets sent down to Single A ball, hits .199 for the year, runs over a cop outside of a nightclub at 3 AM and crushes the cop's bones in his legs, team implements periodic video conference sessions to ensure he's working out, gets injured during a Dominican League celebration which was initially reported as nothing but then suddenly he's having surgery and will miss months again in 2019. Guy needs to get his freaking act together. He is literally my favorite player, but this is all completely unacceptable BS. I thought he might get a clue after being sent down to A-Ball. Guess not. The team cannot continue to let this charade go on. There needs to be like a last chance notice and be wide open about it - even to the media. Other players who are working hard see all of this crap and then what? Sano will just slide back into the starting lineup? No. They need to rip him and let the other players witness some accountability.
  3. Should players not be accountable for what they do and say in spring training?
  4. Garver is by far better than Castro. Castro is a total guess hitter. Typical Castro at bat: Pitch 1: Curve - swings over it with no clue - like he was guessing fastball but already committed early. Pitch 2: Fastball taken right down the middle. Could have completely crushed it but he has no clue. Pitch 3: Curve in the dirt - swing and miss and then he whips his freaking bat and starts barking at the umpire, which makes no sense because he swung and missed.
  5. Agree that he is hitting well and that we need him to do well. Hope he keeps hitting a ton like this - into the season.
  6. No one is stopping you. Buxton’s Most recent quote was 2 days ago, BTW. If that’s not fresh content, what is? In that last quote, he suddenly asserted that he is coachable. Why is that? Is it because people think “I didn’t hit with no hitting coach and that’s the way it’s gonna stay” means “in the past” or “I’m not going to talk about it”? Yeah, I’m sure that’s why.
  7. Quotes by Buxton: 1: "Pissed? Yes. I ain’t sugarcoating nuttin'. I have no idea what they want from me now.” 2: "I didn’t go to no hitting coach. I didn’t go work out with nobody. I worked out by myself, I hit by myself and that’s where it’s going to stay." 3: "I want to be coached, but it’s got to fit me. No more, ‘Maybe you should try this, or do this.’ I’m not doing any of that. I’m being myself.” - Excuses and deflections as a result of presenting these quotes and questioning them: * We shouldn't read into these quotes too much. Buxton simply answered a question. * Hard to judge without more context. * He's bitter about service time manipulation and is just focused on getting better by trusting himself, and this is fair because he's received mixed messages about his approach and swing. * Let's hope his bitterness causes him to get better. * OP is making too big of a deal about the comments. * Buxton has been "Mollied". * It's not defiance; it's self-confidence. * It is defiance, and those criticizing him are silly and condescending. * For all we know, Baldelli told him to disregard coaching and find himself. * He has been too humble and it's good to see more fire. * "Over-coaching" has hurt him. Let him do his own thing. * "That's how it's going to stay" could maybe mean "right now". * We shouldn't interpret Buxton's comments as if he's swearing an eternal blood feud with Baldelli and Rowson. * Being fired up may be the best for Buxton. * The reporter is more unprofessional than Buxton for writing the quote verbatim with words like nuttin'. * Hitting coaches don't coach in December. * "That's the way it's going to stay" maybe meant "I'm not going to talk about it anymore". * Maybe the author just put together a mishmash of things said all off-season. Need to confirm that. * Baldelli said the staff is extremely happy with the work he put in during the offseason. * OP is fixating on a single sentence. * The stars in MLB do things their own way. * "I didn't hit with no hitting coach - I hit by myself and that's the way it's going to stay" does not mean that he doesn't like coaching in general. * Buxton's words are being twisted. * Lots of guys tinker with their stance and approach. * Maybe the discussion can be "tabled" until May. * Buxton is a young man. * He's saying exactly what he said in February, but had to rephase it because others have "taken liberty" with his quotes in order to make him sound bad. * The Twins dropped the ball. * OP is trying to deconstruct a statement without context. * This is a nonissue. * OP has a relentless singleminded agenda. * The coaches and front office supports Buxton on this. * OP wants to attack Buxton. * OP is lobbing bombs. * Buxton had a microphone in his face and had to say something. A ton of what comes out of his mouth is easy to interpret negatively. * There's a big difference between Buxton wanting to have more of his own input and refusing coaching. * Its unfair to interpret Buxton's comments. * Both the Twins and Buxton are at fault. * Buxton's comments translate to "I've been trying to please everyone but now I need to listen to myself as the final voice". * When being interviewed it's hard to say what you mean with brevity. * Buxton made a mistake by not using PR-approved cliches. * OP is focusing on the negative. * It is likely that Buxton and the team/coaches have come to an amicable agreement to not tinker with his swing. * Major leaguers have earned the prigilege of not working with coaches on their mechanics. * The quotes are referring to the past, and there is no evidence of defiance. OP is hyper-micro-parsing the quotes. * People with "misplaced anger" are trying to dredge hidden meaning from Buxton's quotes. * Moderators should consider closing this discussion.
  8. “I didn’t go to no hitting coach. I didn’t go work out with nobody. I worked out by myself, I hit by myself and that’s where it’s going to stay." “No more, ‘Maybe you should try this, or do this.’ I’m not doing any of that. I’m being myself.” ———— 1. The above quotes do not indicate there is an amicable agreement. 2. The middle infielder example is absolutely analogous. 3. Buxton has not “earned” the right to be on his own program. 4. Players do not make the rules, no matter how good or entitled they think they are. Moderator's comment: The above YouTube link contains Not Safe For Work language
  9. I credited him earlier for having positive things in these quotes. Positive quotes are to be expected. The multiple negative quotes are what is a bit shocking. Can you imagine a middle infielder disregarding instruction from a coach on throwing mechanics when turning a dp during an infield drill? No, they would be corrected on the spot. Can you imagine Baldelli coming out and saying to the Falvey Twins “no more telling me this and that - this is going to be all me - my way”? No. You are crediting Buxton for being candid, and while I agree it is refreshing from a fan’s perspective, you do not say these things to the media as a player. If he hits, that is great, but I guarantee you that the Twins do not want him being openly defiant to what the coaching staff has to offer. It’s not a good messsage all around. Accountability can be lost (and clubhouses divided) over such things which could plausibly snowball. Again, I like the Type-A mindset, and at at some level there are some things I agree with you on. Informing the media about being openly defiant to the organization, however, is what I think has some potential for danger.
  10. I understand you. At the same time, in Buxton's comments from yesterday, he asserted he is "coachable". If the organization is so supportive of his actions ("ain't hitting with no hitting coaches and that's the way it's going to stay"), I'm curious why he feels the need to convince anyone that he is coachable.
  11. Do you consider the coaching staff as authority figures on the team? Just curious.
  12. Comments from the 3 dates in question - verbatim. 12/11/2018 Reporter: "Did you fly in just to make the appearance?" Buxton: "I did. That's it. Then I'm going back home." Reporter: "That's a long day for a good cause." Buxton: "It is, but for the kids, and for the fans, it's worth it." Reporter: "Can I ask about the whole hub-bub at the end of the year?" Buxton: "I mean, you probably won't get nuttin' out of me. I mean, it's business... they did what they did, I do what I do, at the end of the day, I'm still gonna keep playing hard, still wanna play in Minnesota, still wanna play beside my teammates, that's all that matters." Reporter: "Were you, um..." Buxton: "Pissed? Yes. I ain’t sugarcoating nuttin'". Reporter: "It appears you might need to win your job back?" Buxton: “Apparently so. That’s how I looked at it. I didn’t finish the year here. I have no idea what they want from me now.” Falvey’s response: “We don’t view it that way. He’s our starting center fielder. That’s who Byron Buxton is. That’s clear to us moving forward.” 2/26/2019 Buxton spoke about changes he has made to his hitting approach. Buxton: "It’s my swing, my thought process, my thinking. Everything with my swing now is me. I didn’t go to no hitting coach. I didn’t go work out with nobody. I worked out by myself, I hit by myself and that’s where it’s going to stay." Reporter: Can you elaborate on the changes you made over the off-season? Buxton: "It took last year to happen for me to figure this out. I take last year as a positive sign for me. It allowed me to free my mind, and it allowed me to go [through] this off-season clearly, to get me where I am today. Everything is out of my head. I’m clearer now than I ever was." 3/11/2019 “I’m 100 times more confident. Nobody fazes me anymore. I’m ready. This is me. My father told me, ‘Time to start being you.’ He knows me better than anybody else. I’ve looked up to him my entire life. If he tells me that, then obviously it was time to change. Torii went through the same thing I went through. I’m not necessarily independent. I just know what I need to do to get myself ready to play this game. I’m not uncoachable. I want to be coached, but it’s got to fit me. No more, ‘Maybe you should try this, or do this.’ I’m not doing any of that. I’m being myself.” --- This is a growing theme this spring, and he has 100% autonomy and control over what comes out of his mouth. No one is making him say these things.
  13. If he is saying he will not take advice of coaching anymore, one would hardly be “taking liberty” with his quotes to view him as uncoachable. Also, how did the Twins “drop the ball”? Buxton is just out there running his mouth to the media about how he’s done taking advice from coaches, but now suddenly stating he is coachable.
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