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  1. The nibbling was the thing that really annoyed me. Gibson would start-off having some good innings. Then, all of a sudden, crap. Couldn't roll a sinker over the plate. Still, only 31. I just don't know. The inconsistency is really aggravating.
  2. I love the fact that Buxton's offense is coming around. Is there any way he will learn to stop smashing into the outfield walls like that? 5 years in the MLB and I would think he would learn how to read that long of a drive and take it off the wall. Still, only 25........
  3. Just adding my 2 cents worth: This medication (Hydrochlorothiazide) is used to treat high blood pressure. Lowering high blood pressure helps prevent strokes, heart attacks, and kidney problems. And it's fun to pronounce. I'm a type-2 diabetic and my doctor subscribed that as one of the drugs I've used for about 6 years. Doctors refer to is as a diuretic. I referred to it as the piss-pill. I did my research and asked my doctor to scratch that off my meds list.
  4. Not sure what I think of this. I always thought of Molitor as a fillin until the dynamic duo get their system up and running.
  5. If your plan for next season is to reset the lineup, then I don't see why management would even think about keeping Dozier. With the trades that have already been implemented (and getting a crop of MiLBer's ), I'm seeing a tough road to contention for the foreseeable future.
  6. When the word "solid" is used, I usually run for the hills :-) But seriously, I hope he can turn into a good innings eater for the Twins.
  7. I'm confused. Hale? http://reviewtvshows.siterubix.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/08/Alan-Hale-Jr..jpg
  8. I haven't seen any games so far this year. But at a whole 23 games into the season and only 3 1/2 games out? And with last season with a +.500 record since Methuselah was a pup? OK, it only seems like that long. I've always been on the side that says "Wait until the temps start getting warmer before making a decision. " Santana is coming back and Morrison and Sano should be ready to blast away.
  9. Twins options on a Dozier trade are probably less than last year. The other problem is Polanco's suspension. Trade Dozier now and take whatever you can get? And to coin a phrase: What's on second!
  10. I've long said that the Save is a useless stat. In 2012, Fangraphs wrote an article on "Shutdowns and Meltdowns: https://www.fangraphs.com/blogs/shutdowns-and-meltdowns-should-kill-the-save/
  11. Boy, I sure hope some of those MiLB Starting prospects are ready to go sometime this year.
  12. I'm on the side that says: Be patient with Kepler. He's got a little over 1,000 PA's coming into this season, so I'm hopeful Max is ready for a break-out season. Buxton could really use a quick start this year. Rosario: Told ya so :-)
  13. Getting Logan Morrison to be the DH was part of some nice moves by the new FO. Nothing overwhelming, but seems more like a level of trust in the current MiLB prospects. Maybe...
  14. I like the moves the new FO has been making so far. If BR's 2018 projectionscome true, this would be a great step for Berrios. Although, the ERA is pretty high. https://www.baseball-reference.com/players/b/berrijo01.shtml#pitching_proj::none I'm just not sure if Berrios will ever be a #1-type pitcher. Give me a solid #2 behind Erv and I'd be happy.
  15. "It’s easy to see why fans can see similarities between the two players." Man, not me. I've got no idea why Twins management took Vargas back: a one dimensional who isn't very good in that dimension.
  16. I hope the Twins do the right thing and move Vargas to another team.
  17. Two words: Competitive Balance. Example: Altuve, Judge, Machado, Scherzer, Syndergaard and Trout were sitting in a bar one day, when Kershaw shows up and says " Hey, you guys should come and play for the Dodgers! Management really throws around the money and the weather is always great!" Hey, at least give me credit for getting the players names in alphabetical order
  18. Unfortunately, it looks like the Twins resigned Gibson. Terrible mistake, imho. Trade Hughes for a PTBNL. Any player....
  19. Well, a couple things: 1st, I'd try my best to sign 2 of those guys. I don't think much of our rotation. In the field, this team could be something special. Good pitching is lacking. 2nd, It should be remembered that the Twins would be subtracting a couple starter salaries (Gibson and Hughes?) in the process. From what I've seen of the Gibson and Hughes in comparison to the 2 of Arrieta, Cobb and Lynn salaries, there would be a (relatively speaking) small increase in payroll and more of an increase in talent and health.
  20. Agree! It's the beginning of a conversation. It's also getting late in the off-season, so I'm pretty sure Lynn's agent is still listening. And shopping around....
  21. I don't think last year had anything to do with Mauer's concussion. If I remember correctly, management contacted Molitor and told him to give Mauer more breaks in the season. Can't be sure about that, but 2017 was a pretty good season for Joe.
  22. Best scenarios for Dozier: starts the season with the Twins, ramps up his value and gets traded for a decent, not spectacular, return. we're back to the Dodgers and still don't get what we'd want, but would still take it. Grossman is the type of guy you need when you don't have a very good team. I'm thinking we've moved beyond him. Vargas, too. I'm looking for seeing what Falvey and Levine do to make the Twins a consistent winner!
  23. I've always liked Polanco's potential, at the plate and at 2nd. I like Dozier, but the insistence on hitting leadoff kinda rubbed me the wrong way.
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