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  1. Mauer's best years he was surrounded by a top 5 starting pitcher, a top 5 closer, a top-tier first baseman, Torii Hunter, etc...The Twins did not waste his talent. His hitting just slowly but steadily fell off the cliff. And only he is to blame for that. Even if it was more his body than anything.
  2. Totally disagree with the OP. Ryan likely wouldn't have done the Garcia or Kintzler trades. Those were savvy. This FO is more proactive while being realistic about the chances of immediate contention.
  3. Finally a FO that is decisive and realistic. Maybe I'm wrong but the past guy would have sat on Kintzler and crossed his fingers.
  4. Really hoping Gonsalves can slot in behind Berrios starting next season. He seems very intelligent from what I've read. So I think he will figure out hitters and how to succeed. We need him to pan out pretty badly.
  5. Why are u comparing major league stats when Gordon doesn't have any? This is a projection based on talent and physical ability. No need to be so pessimistic. Rollins wasn't a power hitter until he was in his middle late 20's. Gordon is starting to show signs of that developing. To say "not even close" is a heavy-handed falsehood. I'm sure many scouts would rank Gordon on a similar plane as Rollins as prospects.
  6. Not trading Gordon. He's either not enough, or too much to give. And guys who have a ceiling of something like Jimmy Rollins are valuable.
  7. I love the Lewis pick more and more. Taking a non-Ace pitcher at 1-1 is bad business. Wright is not an Ace, barring a miracle breakthrough. Lewis is an All-Star level talent and he will play in the middle infield or OF. Imagine him and Gordon locking down the middle for the next 10 years. I'm giddy.
  8. I'm really happy about Lewis. He's going to play a premium position. For so long the Twins have been weak at those spots. You can't just put a live body with a glove their anymore. Even if he ends up in the outfield he's a plus, plus, runner with a plus bat. Can't go wrong. Loooking forward to Royce.
  9. I'm out on Wright too. His arm action and lower body strength looks like injury risk Greene or Lewis.
  10. I think McKay smoke is indeed to get the best price possible on Wright (or Greene)
  11. He's taking his lumps. You can know things, but still not handle them when you're lacking adequate experience still. His brain will eventually connect the dots.
  12. Nolan Ryan had tremendous leg and hip strength, according to the mechanics gurus. Wright also has a pretty high injury risk according to them. Greene has more risk *right now*, but if he can get stronger in a relatively shortish amount of time, meaning he has to focus on it immediately, he's very much worth the pick.
  13. Don't want any part of this guy. A first baseman or a third starter (most likely). No way! Wright or Greene.
  14. It's Wright or bust now. He's shown me enough. McKay is a disaster. Thankfully we got 1-1.
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