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  1. Not interested at this point. Before we write him in on Cy Young ballots, go back and look at 2019. I am not a stat head, but when I read this article I seemed to remember similar thoughts(OMG, how did we land this guy so cheap???) early in the year before him ending up in the bullpen. A very brief look at his numbers showed that in his first 8 starts for the Twins(after getting inserted in rotation) he gave up 1.5 runs per game started through May 30. After May 30 he had 21 more appearances(some were bullpen I believe) and averaged 3.5 runs per start/appearance with some absolute clunkers in there. So he has had 'hot' stretches early in the year before. If he is still doing this at the trade deadline, then maybe. Way too early to see if he is an upgrade or a mirage. Besides, the entire rotation is such a shambles right now that not sure if even 1 great pitcher would make a difference over the long haul.
  2. Baddoo was optioned to the minors yesterday. A year ago at this time the sky was falling in Twins Territory because they had let another future MVP get away for nothing. No real point to this thread.......just one more in a never ending string of examples of 'small sample size', rushing to judgement(good and bad), players needing different lengths of time to really adjust/counter adjust to the major leagues, etc. At least it gives us all a reminder to 'take a breath' as we evaluate the performances of all these new/young players early in the season.
  3. I think one thing that also influenced the decision to move on from Donaldson has been the emergence of Miranda. Two years ago the Twins had no 'elite' prospects at 3rd base. Now they do. Urshela is insurance at short or 3rd if they can't land someone like Story or Miranda doesn't do well. If they do, then Urshela is a utility guy. It's a huge if, but IF they did use the money saved from Donaldson to sign Story to a long term deal then that would make Lewis(and Martin to a lesser extent in my opinion) and maybe even Arraez(with Urshela/Gordon as utility) trade chips for pitching. Sanchez platoons better(offensively) with Jeffers than Garver and since he can also DH(maybe 1st base) you have the bench space to find a true backup catcher. Long story short-I can see several possible plans. And no, Falvey saying he doesn't "know" what will happen doesn't make him an idiot. It makes him a realist.
  4. Bob Nightengale says Twins expected to sign Colome. Interesting, he also says signing as a closer. Interesting to see what happens with Rogers role.
  5. I generally hate blaming poor performance on coaches(and I'm not doing it in this case). But I can't help but wonder if some(certainly not all) of the poor offensive performances this year are in any part due to losing James Rowson to Miami and replacing him with Edgar Varela. Have any of you stat heads/video analysts out there noticed anything or is this simply a case of everyone not named Cruz having an offensive slump at the same time? At the very least you would have thought by now you would see more signs of improvement.
  6. I can't see the games being rescheduled. Too many variables go into making schedules, namely stadium usage and other large events in played in cities. If they did rearrange the schedule, I can't imagine the nightmare that would ensue refunding every ticket, hotel room, etc that has already been purchased and then having to resell them again with the new schedule.
  7. Glad he wants to be a starter and has confidence in himself. But what happens when the postseason rotation shrinks to 3? If healthy and pitching as expected Berrios, Odo, Pineda and Hill all could be better than him. So long as they let him make his 30 starts/get his incentives in the regular season will he be happy with going back to the bullpen?
  8. MLBtraderumors has links to two reports that Twins are also sending a low level prospect to Dodgers. One specifies it is an outfielder.
  9. Bunch of random thoughts: 1)Yes, the Twins said they were starting Graterol out in bullpen. But everything I remember seeing said that was because he didn't have anything more to prove in the minors, but also had never had his innings pushed to the point where he could be a year long starter. Don't remember anyone every saying he would NEVER be a starter publicly. The medical records may say it, but the Red Sox would never have known that. Starters are more valuable than relievers, even if it would have taken him a year or two to get stretched out to that point. 2)Of course Boras would say that he is healthy enough to start, Starters get more money than relievers. What else would an agent say? 3)If I were in charge I would still see if the Dodgers wanted to do a straight up swap of their own. Last year they used Maeda primarily as a reliever(for multiple reasons it appears). They clearly don't see him as a starter. But if they trade him they have an opening in the bullpen. So Graterol would be a cheaper, higher ceiling option. Regardless of the Red Sox, a trade between LA and MN still makes sense to me, both are trading from areas of strength to address areas of relative weakness.
  10. Probably reading too much into things, but..... In Nightengale's tweet he is "citing sources from multiple teams". I know that multiple strictly just means more than 1. But if he were referring to just sources from the Dodgers and Red Sox he would have referred to it as 'both teams'(especially as much as the Twins have been portrayed as a third wheel in this deal). So to me it seems like he still believes there are three teams. And if it were a different third team than Minnesota that his sources identified you think he would be saying so in order to claim the scoop. So that means the Twins are still in on this trade, right?
  11. Hill counts on the 40 man roster until spring training at which point he can be placed on the 60 day IL. I believe that if a player is placed on waivers(say Harper) they no longer count towards the 40 man roster since they will be removed one way or another. However, until the results of the waiver process are completed(were they claimed? did they clear and get reassigned to the minors?) nothing will be announced.
  12. Both Hill and Bailey are listed on roster on MLB.com. But I also count 41 names on their roster. So take that for what it is worth.
  13. Lots of discussion about signing of Donaldson(and rightly so ). But a small, side track thought that I figured I'd throw out for discussion: Who gets waived/traded off of 40 man roster to make room for him? I have no idea, but I would think that the longer it takes for the team to make an 'official' announcement the more likely that a trade is in the works. Thoughts?
  14. Sorry, hyperlink didn't copy but update on MLBtraderumors has link to Giants beat writer saying he predicted Diamondbacks at start of offseason. I'm guessing he would know more about MadBum's mindset than any of us.
  15. Not exactly someone saying MadBum didn't want to play in MN, but a Giants beat writer saying he DID want to play in Arizona. And for all those who say who cares about years 4 and 5 of a big contract: I seem to remember everybody on here screaming at the top of their lungs about how Joe Mauer's contract was an albatross the last few years. And he was a hometown hero. I can only imagine the outrage if the Twins would have had a big contract weighing them down in 3 years as Berrios, Buxton, Sano, etc really started to get expensive.
  16. Wish I had bought that discounted(still like $90) Joe Vavra jersey at the proshop a couple years ago. Didn't know they made jersey's for the coaches. Full disclosure, I almost did buy it anyway. My wife and I bought the best dog ever from him just as he got hired by the Twins. It always seemed like he(the dog) would recognize him every time he popped up on TV. Second random thought...I remember once Jeff Reboulet wearing a shirt in the locker room that said "Forget Mike, I Want to Be Like Puck". I searched everywhere for that shirt.
  17. With or without Pineda I couldn't see the Twins beating the Astros pitching staff. This could end being blessing in disguise. He feels he owes team and gives them a bit of a discount on a new contract. If they were willing to bring back Big Erv after his, they should bring back Big Mike after his
  18. I agree that it seems ridiculous that a guy like Adams is the best option to bring up. But look at the 40 man roster right now. Of the 15 players not currently active 3 are on IL and 4 are position players. That leaves 8 minor league pitchers on 40 man roster. Gonsalves, Littell, and Stewart are primarily starters(I think??). Besides, Gonsalves and Littell don't have great numbers either right now. That leaves 5 minor league relievers. Subtracting Hildenberger you have 4 left: Moya, Thorpe, Vasquez, and Romero. None of them appear to be pitching well enough to call up right now either. So bottom line: the front office has devoted 1/3 of their 15 minor league spots to relievers, which seems like plenty to me. Based on their numbers going into this year is there anyone who can truly say they would have thought all of them would be struggling so badly at the same time? Adams may not be a great choice. But he has one thing going for him.....he is expendable after they get some innings out of him. If he pitches well, great. If not, you drop him in a week and start that revolving door at the 25th/40th roster spot until you find the next Magill, Morin, Harper, etc(or in a dream world Kimbrel )
  19. I saw a couple weeks ago that Nick Burdi was doing great with the Pirates. I know it has been a while since the Twins lost him in the Rule 5. But I also knew that he spent all of last year injured and couldn't remember how all the specifics of Rule 5 worked(I now know the answers). After seeing how amazing his numbers were I couldn't help but thinking: 1)Damn, it sucks that the Twins couldn't keep him around and 2)despite that I know why they left him unprotected. However, today I saw the following article on Sports Illustrated. https://www.si.com/mlb/2019/04/23/nick-burdi-injury-pirates-pitching-prospect No matter what team a kid plays for, that video made me a little sick to my stomach. He clearly had busted his tail to come back from injury, was living his dream and living up to his potential, and then POOF, it looks like his dream is gone on one pitch. I always root for ex-Twins and ex-Twins prospects. Just wanted to start a thread to wish Nick well(even though I know he'll never see it )
  20. I like the idea, but with one tweak. I don't think you can just say Pitcher B is going to follow Pitcher A. Starting pitchers are notorious for taking a long time to get warmed up to game speed. What then happens when Pitcher A gets shelled in the 2nd inning like Stewart or Gonsalves just had happen? If the plan had been for Pitcher B to come in after them then you are rushing them to get ready. So my tweak would be to say Pitcher A starts the 1st and Pitcher B will start the 5th. If Pitcher A has to be yanked early then you go with relievers until the 5th so that Pitcher B can go through their normal pregame warm up routine. If you rush them then you are asking them to prepare as a reliever, not a starter. And I think that is setting these young guys up for failure.
  21. Can someone tell me if I was imagining things? I was at the game yesterday. After Dozier advanced to third on the wild pitch it looked like he and Seager were getting heated with each other. The umpire stepped in between them a couple times while both were yelling at each other(with gloves covering their mouths of course). Then to start the top of the second Dozier got plunked. Everything I have read was assuming that was a continuation of stuff from Wednesday night. But 1)did anyone else see the exchange at third base in the first(or did I imagine it) and 2)does anyone know what it was about. I think that exchange(combined with Wednesday of course) contributed to the quick warning to both benches, I didn't see anything obvious(Dozier sliding spikes high, etc, etc) that should have caused any issues with Seager. Anyone else?
  22. I know he really didn't pan out for the Twins...but he always seemed like a nice guy with a great story. Would really like to believe this is just a mistaken result or an honest mistake, but have become too cynical with this stuff in baseball, especially when it comes to a fringe guy desperate to hang on. Just too bad.
  23. I was on the Star Tribune's page today and for whatever reason clicked on the box to see the Twins Leaders. Apparently their statheads don't believe in having a minimum number of appearances to make lists like these. Guess who is listed as the highest BA???? Pelfrey at .667 And to balance that out guess who has the lowest ERA???? Robinson with 0.00 I don't care who you are, that's funny
  24. I just saw that the Royals gave Johan Pino a major league contract. That doesn't mean that he will definitely make the team, but after they signed Morales recently I have to wonder what they are seeing/doing. Are the baseball gods just reminding me that all teams, not just the Twins make moves that make you shake your head? Are the Royals secretly baseball geniuses who will turn those two into All-Stars? Maybe they have been trying to copy the Twins blueprint for years going from a joke(the mid 90's) to the point of being the lovable underdogs who had sucess doing the little things right despite the odds/payroll(the mid '00's), and they have now moved onto the let your key players leave and sign washed up vets phase(the last few seasons).
  25. I'm not saying that moving Escobar isn't an option, no one on any team should ever be untouchable. I just don't like all these guys running around sending out tweets, etc like this. Just because the two teams have matching surplus'/needs doesn't mean deals are imminent or even have been discussed.
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