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  1. 1. Ryan 2. Gray 3. Paddack 4. Ober 5. Winder 6. Archer
  2. Ryan is such a stud. The other pitchers are pretty good but when him, Gray and Ober are up to pitch I know we have a good chance of winning. I wish we could find a place for Gordon and Arreaz to be in the lineup every day. I would bench Kepler and Sano and play Larnach at first, Gordon in left and Arreaz in right or DH. In my mind it seems as if Kepler and Sano have both been given chance after chance to perform and have not really proven themselves. I think it is almost the time to let other guys play. I may be wrong, I would love to hear what others think on this topic. As always Duran was super fun to watch and Smith and Pagan were solid. Just like sano and Kepler however I think Duffey has kind of shown he is not a reliable Reliever. I do like winder as well and think he should get more innings in the future. I also would like to know what others think about Correa. My opinion is that if he is having a good season then at the trade deadline we trade him for relief/starting pitching. Once again I would just love to hear what people think on the subject of just our roster and moves we should make.
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