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  1. I think two things to consider with this topic are: 1. What would comprise a "successful" debut for any of these pitchers who have not yet pitched at the major league level, and 2. Though the majority of these prospects will undoubtedly NOT pan out, the fact that there are so many encourages me to think at least 1 or 2 should develop into reliable MLB starters Of the list of "high end" potential starters I break them into three groups: Near Major League ready: Duran - Winder - Strotman - Balazovic- Sands- Vallimont Likely still a year+ out: Canterino - Varland - Woods Richardson - Enlow Others with real potential but likely at least 2+ years out: Petty, Rijo, Lawyerson, Mooney, Gross While its possible that a pitcher from group two could break through and debut this season, it would be very unlikely that any would make more than a handful (max) of late season starts, Woods Richardson is most likely closest, but at his young age, I'd expect he'd have to be absolutely lights out through mid-June to be any more than a late season callup. The might be true of Vallimont. The other 5 in group one all could reasonably have the chance to debut by mid-season, and unless the roster changes dramatically between now and the beginning of the season, Duran and Strotman would each have a chance to break camp with the big team. That being said, if any of the group can reasonably be expected to be penciled in as rotation guys in 2023 (ie have similar success as Ober/Ryan had in 2021) I'd say this was a successful debut. Though I would, of course, love to see 2 or 3 establish themselves as major league pitchers, I'd be stunned if that happened in 2022.
  2. I'm as big a prospect guy as most, and the idea of trading away a prospect who "could" turn into the next perennial all-star is hard to stomach for those of us that love to watch these guys develop. That being said, the great majority of these prospects never develop into all-stars, or even major league regulars. The hope is that one or two of Balazovic, Duran, Winder, Canterino, Vallimont, Sands, Woods-Richardson, etc can develop into top of rotation type pitchers at the MLB level. The best case scenario is that maybe three do. However, the reality is that there's a much more likely scenario where none of them do. The fact that almost all of the above prospects spent significant time on the IR last year shows how fragile their "potential" is. If we could flip four of these guys for two all-star candidate caliber pitchers, who wouldn't prefer that outcome?
  3. Moving players up too quickly can have adverse effects. It doesn't seem to those of us who just look at physical tools, but when players aren't ready, they often try to do too much (overthrow for more velocity or break on pitches or overswinging at the plate) and it can actually have a negative affect on the player as they get into a funk that forces them to step back and almost relearn. That's why you see so few "tool ready" players (i.e. college pitchers), move directly into the bigs without at least a couple years of developing at A-AA
  4. And Ozark was a fantastic watch. Kind of from the breaking bad mold
  5. Stopped by the back fields today to check out the minor league guys gearing up for the season and was fortunate to see Jordan Balazovic match up v Blayne Enlow in a 3 inning AAA v AA Intrasquad scrimmage. Though Enlow struggled with control and seemed to be fighting himself to get into any kind of rhythm, Balazovic looked very bit the top 100 prospect. JB went three innings and was extremely sharp for a mid-March workout. His breaking ball was sharp and he seemed to be able to put it right where he wanted it. His fastball looked low to mid 90s (didn’t have a gun, but Enlow actually looked a touch faster, which surprised me, but he couldn’t control it - looked to trying to do a little too much}, but was plenty good enough to keep guys off his breaking pitches. I was trying to watch two games at once {AAA v AA and HiA v LowA), so not sure these stats are official, yet had JB at 3 IP, with 7 K, 0 BB and just two infield hits allowed (though an official scorer may have ruled one or both errors). Just one unofficial outing, but was good to see that the naked eye confirms what we’ve heard from prospect gurus.
  6. Uhhh ... we drafted a college 3B from UCLA who batted .190?!?! “Over-analytics”??
  7. Also had the opportunity to catch the A games today. I agree that Colina looked nasty out there. Couple others that caught my eye - Estamy Urema looked very comfortable at the plate and put good wood on the ball several times, including a triple to left center. It was also my first in time seeing Dashawn Keirsay live. Took several very professional at bats. Nice looking athlete. Finally, hard not to notice Gabe Snyder. Major league looking body which oozes power. Did not disappoint with a bomb to dead center in his final at bat
  8. Solid list. To that I would add Aaron Slegers and Niko Goodrum, as well as all the Rookie League pitchers who have flashed so much potential as they move up to full season ball. Saw Slegers pitch a couple times for Indiana last year and has a really intriguing backstory which leads me to believe he could be a late bloomer. Very tall, but more or a control guy right now, though lots of angle on his pitches. Goodrum, though still very young, has been talked about for a couple years as a "breakout" type player with all the physical tools, but needs to actually start breaking out if he's to live up to that potential. Finally, Thorpe, Gonsalves and Stewart deservedly have gotten headlines, but Jorge, Rosario, Stirewalt, Romero and Ho are also very intriguing young arms that have to fire you up with their potential! Combine them with Eaves, Berrios & Slegers, and there are a ton of good looking prospects to be excited about. Can't wait to get down to Ft. Myers next week to check out the minor league side!
  9. Serious question - who was the last pitcher "truly ready" who was "blocked" so remained at AAA? We've become so desperate for pitchers to step up that we'd rather give starts to a guy with a 4+ era at AA just because he offers upside potential than to a veteran with a career era in the low 4s in the majors. I'm as excited as anyone about the prospects coming up thru the system, but just because I hope they'll be part of the solution and want them to succeed doesn't mean that they will. We've held open tryouts for two years. I'm ready to watch the occasional major league pitcher. When Gibson, Meyer, May, etc are ready, I guarantee the twins will move the bigger salaries out to accommodate. To me that's best case scenario and brings in a return that continues to supply prospects.
  10. Hmmm, add a pitcher with a history of durability and quality results (who arguably would have been our staff ace the last few years)? Me thinks, yes. Payroll dollars are still available and this would provide another upgrade to the WORST staff in baseball. Not only would I sign Arroyo, I'd also sign Pelfrey if I could (assuming I couldn't get Garza/Tanaka). Now we'd only have one spot to fill from our "embarrassment of riches" of Gibson/Worley/Diamond. In a perfect world, those pitchers battle for the fifth spot, provide depth if/when injuries occur, and/or provide trade chips for other areas of need. Ultimately, if (fingers crossed), Meyer, May, Berrios, Stewart, etc., prove they're ready for a spot in the next year or two, then we look to move the veterans for more assets.
  11. Surprised Oliveras didn't get protected (based on what we saw in 2012 - looked like he had absolutely nasty stuff), hoe he doesn't get snapped up.
  12. Surprised Oliveros didn't get protected (based on what we saw in 2012 - looked like he had absolutely nasty stuff), hoe he doesn't get snapped up.
  13. Buy low, sell high. Never the opposite.
  14. SOMEBODY has to be in the rotation! Best case scenario is both Gibson and Meyer start in the rotation (bit of a pipe dream), Diamond Returns to 2013 form, as does Worley and Deduno returns from off-season surgery to show this year wasn't a mirage. Lot of hoping and wishing as a strategy. Not a single established started to eat innings and give consistency. End of the day, this is all about 2015. I'd rather have Pelfrey (and his upside now two years off of surgery) as a tradeable chip in the winter of 2014 or 15 than some other over paid question mark. I know what I'm getting and with my sole focus being on 2015-16, I think he and Deduno have the most potential upside in bringing in more young talent.
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