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  1. The line you said that scared me the most was this "When Cruz is traded and we immediately lose 30% of our offense." Imagine Cruz's numbers being swapped with Sano and imagine this teams record. OMG
  2. My vote is 2 bases. Make it costly to hit a Batter and Pitchers will be less inclined to try it. To be even more precise, I would propose a "Graze of the Jersey" or a bounced pitch to be 1 base but if the ball legit hits a player with force, 2 bases. I feel like the velocity craze is ruining a lot. Focus a bit more on control and maybe good things would happen.
  3. Obviously I'd want to keep both but if I'm forced to pick one then I'd have to say Berrios. Buxton can't stay healthy and with his skill set he probably Deserves the money more but if I'm investing 100 million or so, you gotta be on the field. Berrios has been durable and that gives him the edge to me. That and you know, Pitching wins Championships
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