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  1. Yes, Joe Mauer had the sweetest swing of any catcher. 3 batting titles while catching don’t lie!

  2. Did Joe Mauer have the sweetest swing of any catcher? If you could taste it, would you eat it? I know I would.

    1. Seth Stohs

      Seth Stohs

      Now that is a very deep, philosophical question if I've ever heard one. I don't think I would eat it though... Probably. 

    2. Squirrel


      With whipped cream on top!

    3. Otto von Ballpark

      Otto von Ballpark

      I hear this in a Harry Caray voice 


  3. Jorge Posada > Jorge Polanco Short goodbyes > long hugs Golden gophers > rally monkeys vasectomy > presidential debates
  4. Wow that is huge. Makes me reconsider working at a privately held company.
  5. It isn't going to pass until this virus is under control. Flights are being suspended and it is estimated 75k+ people are infected. China could be due for a rough 2020. A severe slowdown in China will have cumulative effects around the world. Markets are going to continue falling until we know this situation is contained.
  6. I think I am going to try Betterment. Looking for a safe but profitable option for some bonus money. Only .25% rates, not too bad.
  7. They were also beaten handily by Seattle at the end of the year. The roster is ok. Zimmer is ok. Unfortunately, ok doesn't win super bowls. If the oline is fixed in the off-season, I could easily see Cousins having a big year, and the team in the same position. I'm waiting for Zimmer to stop micro managing the offense. I'm waiting for him to stop punting so much (one thing I love about pj fleck), take some risks, use the analytical tools. Maybe next year will be the year? They certainly are better than the Bears and Lions, I think Rogers takes another step bank and they could win the North. Better than the niners/seahawks/eagles/cowboys? We'll see I guess.
  8. I'm fine with a full rebuild. I'm even fine with grabbing a high quality QB. My doubts aren't with this core, it is with the ability of Spellman to plug holes and Zimmer to beat good teams.
  9. I'm not sure I agree with anything you just did there lol.
  10. I don't want any part of Hurts. Who is the last Ohio State QB to have success in the NFL? Not that the past is everything, but that school wins because of the immense talent it has year in and year out. I thought all those guy were already cut.... I was about to be amazed.
  11. I think this is the peak as well. Cousins isn't the problem. He'd excel in the NO system like Breese has. If he has time, he can make amazing throws. He isn't slow either. A better coach might be Randall Cunningham. Get him to use his legs more, move more fluidly in the pocket. My problem, is the system is not taking advantage of the talent it has. Zimmer is forcing this archaic offense with no risk, and the offense is suffering because of it. Is rather give the keys to new management with the hope of a Packers esque rien around. If it doesn't work, let them tear it down and build it however they want. Nice thing with the NFL is teams can rebound quickly.
  12. I change my mind on Lawrence. I want no part in a guy that plays this bad when the spotlight is on. That said, the Vikes will move mountains to get him.
  13. It is a bar set by a playoff team, that won a playoff game on the road. Low? Yes. Absolutely. Still a realistic picture of the talent at WR in the NFL. Shoot, Treadwell was cut twice and had a significant role in the Vikes this year.
  14. After Diggs and Thielen, I'd take TJ over anyone on the WR corps. Would be great to have a big, physical, fast WR like DK Metcalf. TJ shredded the vaulted Auburn D, no reason he can't succeed in Sunday.
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