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  1. Wes fault, Catching Coaches fault, both or none of the above????? Coluome was a major mistake and the way they started the season lost their mojo.... Uncle major league manager/Catcher many years told me many teams it is how you start the season off that determines where you end up....... BP was horrible in April and got worse thereafter...... Dug a hole you can't get out of.......
  2. I bought more steel Reserve to refine my eye test for tonight's game.....


    1. Brock Beauchamp

      Brock Beauchamp

      Are you planning on becoming an umpire?

  3. Their is no doubt that the ball has been doctored this year and past years as well. The ball is breaking more than is possible based on my physics classes in UG/grad school..... You can exert some serious spin if your willing to have a short career but right now I believe in today's game 300 game and even 250 game winners will become rare.... Maddux, Glavine, and the rest would never last in today's game (even Moyer the master of the changeup would have trouble).....
  4. I watch statcast, etc. seems our catchers are not ready to mentally call games at times..... And our fundamentals have gone downhill as well.....
  5. Greetings from the Emerald City.... Can someone please post pitching ERAs with Starting Catchers???? Dobnak and others for whatever reason do not match up well with some Catchers behind the plate (this is a trend that I have noticed goes back the past couple of years). In the past our aces always had their special catcher often only on the team for them..... Dobnak and Jeffers and other batteries seems to be an awful matchup often related to a couple of pitches I have noticed from heatmaps and I hope other stat people have noticed the same....
  6. Maybe it is time to put the Manager on a leave of Absence to clear his head perhaps? The loss of Mike Bell speaks volumes due to rocco is now second and third guessing himself currently....
  7. Rocco lost a lot of his staff the past two years and i believe it is showing up now this year.....
  8. My great uncle was Wes Westrum from Clearbrook MN and had these conversations with him as a kid a long time ago.... He was considered one of the greatest defensive catchers in his era; I know I have his glove he used in two world series and you would not believe it was a catchers glove.... Many teams forget winning ballgames in April is more important than August since you set the tone early. This year we lost (0-7) in extra innings and X amount after 7 innings! So what happened? likely technology has improved through the roof folks. Watch the good hitters they are not swinging at sw
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