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  1. I wonder if I could be a serviceable DH if I only had to hit against Burrows?
  2. Been a while since I checked in. Let's see how we're doing:
  3. Is kiriloff considered better in RF than Max that he gets the nod when they're both batting, or are we just giving Maximilian a little extra mojito time in the dugout?
  4. So, does Miguel Sano single-handedly win this or lose this for us?
  5. Here's sano's chance to hit the over on the 2.5 K line he was given at the beginning of this thread.
  6. But umpires are qualified professionals with eagle-eyes who'd never miss something like that or an obvious call at first base that would simultaneously cost a pitcher both a perfect game and no-hitter and be the impetus for the replay rule in the first place, right?
  7. Ahh, that's where I messed up. You can be ON PACE for an infinite amount, but I was thinking about actually reaching an infinite number of anything (where infinity exists as a limit, but not as an achievable value)
  8. Can you challenge as many calls per game as you want, as long as they are all successful? https://www.mlb.com/glossary/rules/manager-challenge "Replay review was modified again in 2015, permitting managers to retain their challenge after every overturned call"
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