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  1. Like they say opinions are like...Dave Overlund is one.
  2. Thank you! It popped right up like you said! I like the new format. On a side note I attended the first two games in Wichita. Nice team and park!
  3. How do I sign up for the daily email. I stopped getting it. Is it defunct? Ihave searched your site and can't find any ino. Thanks.
  4. If this was mentioned, I apologize, but is losing a game and having no ER a rare occurance for an opening day game?
  5. Looking forward to seeing Lewis in Wichita this tear. I'm sure Kirilloff will be on Twins roster.
  6. I don't think it was that popular to begin with but who cares it's Twins baseball now. I can live with it!
  7. Thw wind stopped blowing once in Wichita and we all fell down.
  8. As a Twins fan for years and living close to Wichita I am really looking forward to this!
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