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  • Get to Know Twins Draft Pick Kyle Jones

    Ted Schwerzler

    Now taking place during the All-Star Break, MLB teams have the opportunity to improve their farm systems through the amateur draft. Following a down 2021 season, the Twins found themselves near the top of each round. With their 7th-round selection, they took right-handed pitcher, Kyle Jones, from the University of Toledo.

    Image courtesy of Ross Achter/Toledo Athletics

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    A Michigan native, Kyle Jones is a four-year senior from the University of Toledo. A starting pitcher for the Rockets, Jones was a workhorse throwing 91 1/3 innings this past season. He posted a 4.24 ERA alongside 11.3 K/9. He became the third pitcher Minnesota selected in the 2022 MLB draft, and was noted as a high-character guy by a few different people I reached out to.

    I caught up with Jones after his selection to ask a few questions and introduce him to Twins Territory.

    Twins Daily: Working as a starter this season for Toledo, what does your repertoire look like and what is your best pitch?

    Kyle Jones: As a starter this year for Toledo, I worked with a four-seam fastball, spike curveball, and splitter. This summer I have been working on adding a cutter to my arsenal as well. My best pitch has always been my curveball since it has been hard with late break. My splitter played pretty well this year in spots and I’m excited to gain confidence with it.

    TD: How do you set yourself up to attack hitters? What type of pitcher would you describe yourself as and what goes into your preparation?

    KJ: I try to get ahead in the count as early as possible to reduce walks and let my offspeed work. I see myself as a pitchability guy since I can get swings and misses on my offspeed and fill up the strike zone. I stick to my weekly routine as much as possible to make sure that I am ready to go whenever I get on the mound. This includes mobility, conditioning, lifting, and a weekly bullpen.

    TD: The 114 strikeouts across just 91 1/3 innings are more than impressive, but then paired with just 25 walks, your ability to command the zone looks even better. What do you think can separate you as a pitcher in professional baseball?

    KJ: I think that being able to throw three pitches for strikes without walking many will be a separator for me professionally. I also think that being routine-oriented can help me stay healthy and consistent throughout the season.

    TD: Minnesota is trending towards an organization that heavily employs advanced analytics. What is your background with using the data and incorporating it into the way you pitch?

    KJ: I love having access to analytics whenever I have the chance. In the past, I have done pitch design sessions and training with Rapsodo which has been great for me to learn about my arsenal and metrics. Being at a mid-major, we do not always have access to Trackman data during the season, but I try to use it whenever I have the chance. I am really looking forward to diving deeper into the analytical part of pitching and am excited that the Twins will be able to provide that.

    TD: What do you know about the Minnesota Twins? Have you ever been to Target Field?

    KJ: Growing up in Detroit, I had watched the Tigers play the Twins, but have never been to Minnesota or Target Field. I know they have been playing some good baseball recently and am excited to contribute to the organization!

    TD: What is something you want Twins Territory to know about you as a person or player?

    KJ: I just want to say that I can’t wait to get down to Fort Myers and get going with the Twins. I also want to give a shoutout to my family for all the love and support throughout my career as well as to all my coaches who have gotten me to where I am today.


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    Loved his last comment, thanking his family for being there for him throughout his journey.

    Every year there are a few pitchers drafted well after the first couple rounds who make a name for themselves.  You know, guys we normally see dominating hitters in Cleveland or Tampa or Miami.  Can Kyle Jones become that pitcher for the Twins four or five years from now?

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    I like how he knows he needs to take care of his body and does the work needed to be ready for his next time out.  Hopefully the Twins can work with him to gain a few extra ticks on the fastball and round out his other pitches.  Looks like reliever material to me but if he is another Varland type then will probably prove me wrong.

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    19 hours ago, Dman said:

    I like how he knows he needs to take of his body and does the work needed to be ready for his next time out.  Hopefully the Twins can work with him to gain a few extra ticks on the fastball and round out his other pitches.  Looks like reliever material to me but if he another Varland type then will probably prove me wrong.

    The velocity added to pitchers drafted last year was impressive. Povich was nothing special in college, but a few ticks and now that ball looks and moves different 

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