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Twas the Night Before Twins Christmas

Cody Christie



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blog-0280375001450884740.jpgTis the season... well it's not baseball season but fans can still be in the baseball mood. Back in 2010, I wrote a version of this poem that had become a little outdated after half a decade. The Twins had a different manager and GM at the time and the team's biggest offseason move was bringing in Tsuyoshi Nishioka.


So here is an update version to help us survive this holiday season. May your holiday be filled with plenty of blessings (and maybe a free agent signing by the Twins).


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through Target Field

Not a worker was stirring, for every door had been sealed;


The stockings were hung by the dugout with care,

In hopes that a free agent soon would be there;


Every fan was nestled all snug in their beds,

While visions of championships danced in their heads;


And Terry Ryan in his 'kerchief, and Molitor in a cap,

Seem to be spending the offseason on a long winter's nap;


David Price had signed and still no deals had been made,

On many fans minds this problem heavily weighed;


When out on the field there arose such a clatter,

Ryan sprang from the bed to see what was the matter;


A star from Korea with a bat that could bash,

Left fans hoping that his contract wouldn't be too brash;


Target Field lay under the new fallen snow,

While the rest of the offseason moves seemed to come slow;


When, what to my wondering eyes should appear,

Thoughts of new pitcher would let the fans cheer;


Molitor wants a new team with power in their swings,

With hopes that it will result in multiple rings.


Hunter retired after much fortune and fame,

A title in the Central will be hard to reclaim;


The team is young and expectations are high,

2015 was great but now it's time to say goodbye ;


There are roster quandaries as youth starts to take hold,

For Twins Territory, the losing was getting old;


With the new year, changes will come,

It is still hard not to feel glum;


A star pitcher would make the fans clamor,

Or a bullpen pitcher who can drop the hammer;


The wish list is long for fans this holiday season,

Trying to overcome the Royals is definitely the reason;


Fans want a plan so they can be merry,

Because making no moves seems all too scary;


A Christmas signing wrapped in a bow,

Could make up for this excess of snow.


Back to sleep I will go with the hope of a good dream,

For the Twins will continue to be our baseball team;


There is still plenty of offseason to make things right,

Until then "Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good night."



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