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Will the "Corresponding Move" be a Debut?

South Dakota Tom



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With Tonkin being optioned back to the minor leagues, the Twins have created a hole in the lineup in advance of a 10-game road trip, with the first six of those games in National League ballparks. Some people have suggested that Oswaldo Arcia could return, or a utility player such as Doug Bernier.


However, it has appeared to me that the Twins have tried to introduce new prospects during road series, in order to avoid the double-edged nerve-sword of a simultaneous major league and home debut.

This would apply to three of the names being bandied about as potential replacements, and a case can be made for each one.


Alex Meyer - since his switch to relief, he has been very strong, and he only faced a couple of batters last night. Fans are anxious to see what this now-25 year old prospect will bring to the table. He is clearly an upgrade to the bullpen in terms of strikeout ability, though fears of his release point, consistency, and walks remain.


On the other hand, Molitor has spoken frequently of wanting an extra bat for the lineup during NL games, and expressed confidence in the starters' ability to go deep into games. Since we were sporting 13 pitchers prior to Tonkin's departure, that would suggest that the 25th man will be someone who is both on the 40-man roster (saving that 40th spot for Santana a week from Sunday) and can contribute in some fashion to the big club.

Two prominent names vying for that spot are Miguel Sano and Max Kepler, both in Chattanooga and both all-stars in the league. Kepler has been white hot lately, and plays multiple positions in the outfield and first base. Sano is a bigger household name, and while he is a big swing-and-miss candidate, contact equates to something special for fans to see. However, he plays third base and has not had significant time in any other position and it seems less likely that the Twins would remove Trevor Plouffe from the lineup. That would mean that Sano plays only as a pinch-hitter or Plouffe plays at first base for a game or two giving Joe Mauer a day off. There are some day games after night games coming up, so that possibility should not be entirely discounted


Do you expect a major league debut tomorrow night in Milwaukee? If so, who do you expect to see?



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