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Road Trippin'

Steven Trefz



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March 30th. Kansas City. April 2nd. Miami.

Plans are set, trip will happen.

April 13th. New York. April 18th. Boston.

Plans are set, trip will happen.

In December I put forth an imaginative dream. What would it be like to travel to every Twins away game in a season? I ran the mileage, started to count the costs, negotiated reality, and now its here. The first month of the Twins season is only two weeks away!

How has my investment influenced my interest in spring training, or in Twins baseball in general? As we hypothesize the opening day lineup, I watch with interest, knowing that I'll be there to see a player's opening day national anthem. I'll be there to see the bench standing at the top of the steps throughout the first game. I'll see the amped up starting pitchers, and the sweating-even-though-its-50-degrees-out relievers. I'll see the umps and managers navigate the awkward nature of the first useage of the pitch clock in the regular season. 

I've been to opening day three times at Target Field, but never on the road. Will they give me the Bobby Witt Jr. bobblehead if I'm in my baby blue Correa jersey? Will the home fans show up on a Thursday afternoon, or will transplanted Twins fans rule the stands? Will my budget which involves minimal ballpark food and drink even last through the first game...

I finally bit the bullet on securing my KC to Florida flight. We are locating hotels near the Cooperstown HOF for the off-day later in the month. The reality of a five or six man rotation begins to influence my chance at watching wins. March snow storms lead me to believe that weather will have its say in April too. 

I get to see Arraez vs. Lopez week one. I get to see friends that I haven't seen in years. I get to visit three of the holy places of baseball.

If there is anything in particular that you would love to know about the experience, from the stadium's quirks, to the in-game experiences in different parks, to the food and drink, to the activities of the players when the cameras of off: let me know. I'm hoping your ideas and participation along the way will make for a shared experience. If you are headed to the games, drop me a message. If you have some must-see suggestions, I want to hear them!

Only 14 more sleeps as my kids used to say. Welcome 2023 Twins season, I can't wait to see where this journey takes us!

Steve Trefz




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