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Why did the Twins regressed in 2020? One answer

Doctor Gast



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The Twins have been a big question mark all year. Great 2019 performances from players never realized in 2020 except Cruz & arguably Rosario. Although I`m not normal superstitious but baseball is, I never understood why the Twins wanted to bring back the baby blue uniforms to reminisce the "Twinkie" era. the auguration of the baby blues began w/ the Griffin / Carew fiasco. Carew was content to play out his years in MN but this fiasco changed all this & Carew could not leave fast enough.

Following years were at best, mediocre.

The notable thing about the baby blue jersey of old is that the Twins won the 1987 World Series in their first year not wearing the jersey. Their overall record in the years they wore the uniform was 1040-1170, a winning percentage of . 471.

This is not what we want to replicate w/ our promising "Bomba Squad". Bringing back the baby blues started w/ covid19. I say we burn them & never bring them back


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