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Minnesota Twins: A Case for Matt Harvey?




blog-0736181001579487631.jpgIf the Minnesota Twins are going to the boneyard for starting pitchers why not plunge deep. I proclaim it the year of the reclamation project for the Twins. Let me propose Matt Harvey as a candidate.


* He still has averaged nearly 6 K’s per game

* He has zero leverage and should be very cheap. A 1 year $2M with incentives up to $10M may land him

* He needs to do well and is motivated to continue his career.

* At age 30 he still should have more productivity left in him

* It may be trivial, but it could be transformational for him if needed. Minnesota has what he needs, he has tried to get sober in the past. Minnesota has some of the best treatment facilities in the world.



* His walks per inning were the highest in his career in 2019

* Has he matured? See the quest for soberness above

* Can he be more than a power pitcher, Harvey’s bread and butter has been his fastball. As he moves into his 30’s can he develop other ways to get batters out? His curve ball and slider % were the highest of his career last season…….but his ERA was also a career high

* His fastball is down to a career low 93

The “Dark Knight” is known as a bit of flake. Flakes can be good as they tend to have short term memories.


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I had mentioned him several different times in the low risk - high reward category. I would say if he would accept a minor league deal do it today. Am guessing most of these guys that are in his category they are looking for major league deals so it may be a while before we sign the depth guy in this type of deal. 

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