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Minnesota Twins Player Power Rankings (6/26)

Brandon Warne



I’ve decided to re-format these a little bit, as I’m going to separate them into position players and pitchers. It’s hard to truly gauge the effect between a utility infielder and a lefty specialist — just an example — but separating the positions out seems to make the most sense to me.


If you have an objection, feel free to air it in the comments section, and it will be heard.


Position Players (10 words or less)

  1. OF Eddie Rosario – Saving the entire team’s bacon, one hack at a time.
  2. IF Eduardo Escobar – Swings at everything — hits most of it. Fogo power.
  3. 2B Brian Dozier – Only this high in down year because offense is struggling.
  4. OF Max Kepler – Crushing lefties, struggling v. righties. What?
  5. IF Ehire Adrianza – No offense should have him this high. A bad sign.
  6. 1B Joe Mauer – Offense better with him around; no power, though.
  7. C Mitch Garver – Supremely streaky; .855/.584/.632 OPS by month.
  8. 1B/DH Logan Morrison – Needs more May (.822 OPS), less April (.503) and June (.549).
  9. OF Jake Cave – Total wild card; has some pop.
  10. UTIL Taylor Motter – Still seeking first Twins hit.
  11. C Bobby Wilson – Only plays because of defense, great behind plate.
  12. OF/DH Robbie Grossman – Really struggling; possibly on borrowed time.

To see the pitchers, please click through to Zone Coverage here.



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