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About this blog

I'm Jay and this is my blog where I want to give an deeper analytical perspective on the twins that is often not found in most coverage of the team. I am still learning about sabermetrics and statistics and I want this to help foster my understanding. I'm intending to do a mix of shorter pieces but also some more in depth writing on specific topics. This will mostly be twins focused but I am not limiting it to only that.

Entries in this blog

Twins 2022 MVP picks

I know this list is late, as the team MVP awards have already been announced but I wanted to do mine anyway. The subject that gets overlooked in much MVP discussion, is the definition of value. So, I want to start this off by explaining my definition, which will hopefully make my picks understandable even if they are not agreeable. When it comes to defining valuable, in my experience, often the answer you’ll get is “the player who helped their team win most”. However, that leaves open the questi


Shobae in Twins

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