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Who's a more valuable trade asset, Buxton or Kepler?

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 02:56 PM
At the deadline, it was reported that the Mets asked for Byron Buxton (plus more players) for Noah Syndergaard. With the Twins are least...
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Front Page: The Defensive Future of Royce Lewis

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 02:46 PM
Royce Lewis has been lighting up the Arizona Fall League with a 1.066 OPS which ranks second in the league. He helped the East to win the...
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Front Page: Dealing with Wheeler Gets Minnesota an Ace

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 02:31 PM
This offseason the Minnesota Twins chief focus is going to be on acquiring impact pitching. The front office has suggested as much, and w...
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Twins stuff from around the Web (Fangraphs, Twitter, Athl...

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 02:01 PM
Per request.....new thread! this seems like a really odd post to start with, which makes sense for a thread about the Twins and Internet....
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CJ Cron Has Thumb Surgery

Minnesota Twins Talk Today, 01:27 PM
Per his Instagram (via Doogie Wolfson), CJ Cron had successful thumb surgery... Now on to rehab. Certainly wish him well.    
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Can the Twins Become the New Astros? Part 2

After looking into the similarities in the use of analytics, technology, and communication in both the Twins and Astros organizations in Part 1 of this series, today we will turn our attention to both teams’ efforts to build their farm systems and create a group of young core players to build around.


Twins Daily 2019 Awards: Most Valuable Player

The 2019 Twins were propelled to 101 victories by a wide range of contributions, and that dynamic was reflected in our polling for team MVP, which brought out a crazy amount of variance from our esteemed panel. You can scroll down to see the individual tallies, but here's the rub: Across 18 ballots, six different players were selected at No. 1.

And you know what? You can make a valid case for any of them, depending on your perspective.


Cody Stashak Was More than Just a Command Wizard in 2019

An unusual event occurred on Sept. 8. No, it wasn’t that the Vikings won their season opener. No, it wasn’t the fact that it was National Grandparent’s Day. And no, it wasn’t that I listened to the Shrek soundtrack while driving home that day. On Sept. 8, Cody Stashak walked his first (and so far, only) batter of the season in MLB. It was a full count and even looking at the video, the pitch seemed like a pretty solid strikeout pitch, Yu Chang just had a good take.


Dealing with Wheeler Gets Minnesota an Ace

This offseason the Minnesota Twins chief focus is going to be on acquiring impact pitching. The front office has suggested as much, and with most of the lineup positions spoken for, it’s where spending money makes sense. Jose Berrios is the only returning arm at this point, and despite getting substantial levels of consistency from the group last year, Rocco Baldelli is going to need a unit that can raise the bar.


Can the Twins Become the New Astros? Part 1

After recently reading both Ben Reiter’s Astroball and The MVP Machine by Ben Lindbergh and Travis Shawchik, both highly recommended, I found many similarities between the Houston Astros and our Minnesota Twins. In order to get a better idea of how the Twins plan mirrors the Astros’, let’s look at several areas in which the teams exhibit similarities. This is the first of a three-part series.


Twins Daily 2019 Award: Pitcher of the Year

For most of the past decade, the Minnesota Twins have had one of the worst pitching staffs in baseball. Pick a meaningful statistic for pitchers and you would find the Twins usually at or very near the bottom of the rankings. That changed in 2019 when the Twins had one of the top five or six pitching staffs in the American League.

The Twins' 4.18 ERA ranked eighth in MLB and fifth in the American League. Their 1.30 WHIP ranked 12th in the big leagues and sixth in the AL. Their 9.0 K/9 ranked 12th in MLB and fifth in the AL, and they did so while walking just 2.8/9 innings, second best in baseball. Baseball Reference’s Wins Above for All Pitchers ranks the Twins sixth in MLB, fourth in the league.

The Twins had two All-Star starting pitchers (Berrios and Odorizzi), and a third starter (Pineda) who was arguably their best starting pitcher option when he was suspended. The team’s bullpen came on strong over the season’s final two month.Frankly, it was nice to see this year’s Twins Daily Pitcher of the Year ballots listing several viable candidates. The vote was close, but the 2019 Twins Pitcher of the Year is closer Taylor Rogers.


Twins Trade Targets: 4 Potential Starting Pitching Upgrades

The Minnesota Twins are in store for a starting rotation overhaul this offseason with only Jose Berrios and Martin Perez under contract. The free agent market will definitely be explored, but the area the Twins could land a top of the rotation starter might be the trade market. With the opportunity to win wide open along with an abundance of prospects, the time is now for Falvey and Levine to make a trade.


Twins AFL Report - Week 4: Lewis Named Fall Stars MVP

Week four of the AFL season was likely the most interesting to the casual prospect follower, as it featured the circuit’s all-star showcase on Saturday, where the Minnesota Twins top prospect cemented his status with an MVP performance. In the other games during the week the Salt River Rafters went 2-2 to maintain their lead in the East division. That top prospect also continued an impressive hit streak, while the pitchers were a mixed bag.

To find out how all your #MNTwinsInTheAFL prospects performed on the week, keep reading!

(This report includes the games played through 10/13)


ALDS Takeaways, Part 5: How Does Anyone Hit Anything These Days?

Watching the Twins fail to cobble together runs against even a very good Yankees pitching staff was painful and surprising. They continued to grind, to wait for their pitch and try to do damage, and they might have had much more success if their key cogs had been healthier, but the overall feeling of the Twins’ offensive half-innings throughout the series was valiant helplessness.


Twins Daily 2019 Awards: Most Improved Player

When the life blood of an organization with a strong belief in player development, it is crucial that players continue to develop, continue to improve. That improvement is needed to work through the minor league system, but it is especially important once a player gets to the big leagues.

For the Twins to have improved from 78 wins to 101 wins, it required individual improvements from several players. There were many solid candidates for 2019 Twins' Most Improved Player, but ultimately the runaway choice was second-year backstop Mitch Garver.


Handing a Qualifying Offer to Michael Pineda

The Minnesota Twins are going to be looking at filling a starting rotation that has just one guaranteed arm for 2020. A top-tier talent or two is going to be a must but bolstering the group with a strong 4th or 5th is equally as important. Derek Falvey will need to decide on what holdovers he wants back, but Michael Pineda is a talent that could be worthy of a qualifying offer.


ALDS Takeaways, Part 4: Sluggers Go Close Together

Baseball writer Joe Sheehan has been onto the importance of what he calls “short-sequence offense” in the postseason for much longer than most of the baseball world. Years ago, he coined a phrase that sounds troglodytic but holds up pretty well, for the best way to reliably score runs in October: “Ball go far, team go far.” Slugging wins in October, because even great pitchers make mistakes a bopper can hit over the fence, but it’s very rare that great pitchers make enough mistakes for a lineup to (say) string together four straight hits and score twice.