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  1. This is like a 9 man football game in rural ND. You Lose key players and you run out of options.
  2. Molitor has to leave Erv in the game. We cannot compete with the Yankees bullpen to bullpen. See if he has anything to start the 2nd.
  3. God knows I was. Even if we lose out this weekend and end up 83-79, the Padres have the distinction of the worst record making the MLB playoffs at 82-80. (added later) in 2005
  4. Nothing good about this series. Worst case scenario after today .5 game(s) ahead of LAA.Texas within 2.5 games. Oihers at best 3 games behind. Twins cannot win in NY, it is carved in stone somewhere.
  5. My brother who lives on Long Island does not expect the game will happen. I hope deciders choose to call it soon instead of a "wait and see".
  6. How about eliminating the SAVE opportunity. Only a W matters.
  7. Benefit of two TVs, Women's tennis tonight at US Open has been spectacular. All USA semi-finals. Venus vs Slone Stephens superb match. No grunting until the third set. 2nd match not as close at this point. Since I am forced to listen to KC announcers who are more homerific than Dick and Bert, I muted the BB game. In NW Arkansas 4 teams claim your region broadcasting rights. Astros make no sense, I am OK with Rangers, also OK with Royals. Cannot remember when Twins last played the Cardinals. Oh yeah 1987.
  8. Total agreement, and job well done. KG has probably earned serious consideration for a spot next year. I never could have seen myself saying that in July.
  9. Dozier stats against Shields should have made Molitor pause, and consider a more strategic line-up position. He is crushing Shields.
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