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  1. Tells me that Odo is not coming back.
  2. Salary relief and a good package of prospects? They might not trade him but why not ask?
  3. We need a starter for sure and could use a 3rd baseman to move Sano over to 1st. What would we have to give up to get Robbie Ray and Edwardo Escobar to Minnesota. Love Eskie and Ray being a left hander would fit in well. What would we have to give up? Something like Larnach, Thorpe and Gordon get it done or is that light?
  4. Nobody seems to be talking about Strasburg. What would it take to get him? I'm good with 4/90 on Madbum but why not make a run at Strasburg at the same time and see who bites. Something like 130/5 on him?
  5. So thinking to next year. Tell me where I am wrong with the Twins moves. Pick up the option on Nelson (no brainer) Decline options on Perez (7MM) and Dyson. Do not re-sign Schoop or Cron (Move Sano to 1st). Only re-sign Castro if price is right to be back-up catcher for 1 year. Otherwise find a decent left handed hitting backup catcher. Many of them around to be had. Bring back Romo for 1 year. He’s a great team guy and very experienced. His “spinners” work with our other power arms from right side. Put the qualifying offer on Odorizzi. Pretty much confirms he would be back for at least 1 year when a draft pick gets hooked to him. Do not bring back Pineda. Misses first 40 games of next year to suspension. That’s ¼ of a season. No thanks. Consider trading Sano or Rosario along with a couple decent prospects for a good young front line starter. Not sure yet who that might be but must be one somewhere? (Maybe Thor?) I would prefer Sano be the one as he just doesn’t make enough contact for me and isn’t much for defense at 3rd. If you keep him he needs to play first and make a little better contact. He will always strike out a lot but 8 times in 12 at bats in playoffs is not acceptable. If Rosario would be traded find a decent outfielder to plug in. Pirates might want to move Starling Marte as he is due a larger salary than they like to carry. They would likely trade him quite willingly. Since Sano has now moved to 1st and Arizona is rebuilding you check with them to see what it would cost to make a trade and bring Eduardo Escobar back to play 3rd. We could use a LH power bat and I love Eduardo! Sign a very good reliever to pair with Rogers. Not sure who yet but they will be available. Would love to have Garret Cole. Not going to happen. Strasburg might be available. Not going to happen. That’s why we need to find really good young arm and probably over pay a bit. This person has to be someone we can keep for 2-3 years at a minimum. Sign Zack Wheeler for the rotation. Good arm to add to rotation. Sign a lefty for rotation. Cole Hamels maybe?? Rotation would than be Berrios, Odo, Wheeler, Lefty starter (Hamels?) and Graterol. Have Smeltzer, Thorpe and Doubnek at AAA as needed to step into rotation in case of injuries.
  6. Spycake. Sorry I misunderstood you. I thought you meant because he was hurt he didn't count on the 40. I guess they could be thinking about a 3rd active catcher until Willians is back.
  7. Austudillo is already on the 40 man. he's just on the IL and off the 25 man active.
  8. I would trade Sano to get Escobar back in a heartbeat. better defense and better hitting.
  9. So the forty man is now at 36. Something (trade) must be going to change that soon?
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