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  1. Thank you for finally calling out Blackburn on his start this year. We rip on Marquis for his performance and when he was cut Blackburn had an ERA that was identical. We rip on Liriano for his performance this year and he has an ERA almost a point lower than Blackburn. Even if you take his 2009 WHIP he would rank 83/112 pitchers in baseball. He just isn't that good when he is good and he is really bad when he is bad.
  2. No matter what people think of Terry Ryan you have to admit that he is reasonably skilled at taking a good major league player and trading him away for quality prospects (AJ trade, Knoblauch trade, Milton trade, ect....) I expect that if he does make a trade he will not get fleeced and the players we get will impact the team in coming years.
  3. For comparison I looked at the first 15 rounds of the White Sox draft that year and they got a combine .7 WAR out of it so we look to have done reasonably well. Anybody know a quicker way of getting this type of data that isn't copying names from a draft list and looking them up in fan graphs one by one? It would be interesting to compare to the rest of the league.
  4. I am not sure of the best way to judge a draft but we got a combined 18.6 WAR from this draft.
  5. Good point about the BBCOR bats, I wasn't aware they were required this year and that would hurt his power. I still stand by my point though that 3 HR in a season (1 every 40 AB) is not power when numerous players in the state are hitting homeruns every 10 AB: http://www.maxpreps.com/list/leaderboard_list.aspx?state=GA&sectionid=-Select-&leagueid=-Select-&teamtype=player&leaguetype=overall&category=,batting average&position=-All-&classyear=-All-&ssid=6dc45447-ba5f-4114-8ec2-63428ccb3a68 I still like the pick as well. He looks like he can throw well in the video's I have seen, his speed seems ridiculous, and he has a high average in High School. He just doesn't have the power to be described as a "5-tool" player and that isn't a bad thing.
  6. I am curious how Buxton's power will develop when he is currently in a metal bat league with smaller fields and crappy pitching and he can only hit 3 home runs. I know it is dangerous comparing Hicks to Buxton but Hicks had more home runs and a higher slugging % in high school than Buxton. I guess at this point I don't buy into Buxton being a 5 tool guy.
  7. Good points, the opposite field increase isn't a good thing in itself but indicates he is fixing an issue that was preventing him from hitting last year and earlier this year. The odd thing is I was always taught when a RHP is facing a LH that you pull the curve because it is breaking in to you and when a LHP is facing a LH you go opposite because the ball is breaking away from you. Given this increase of curveballs to Justin I and the fact that most pitchers ar RH I would have anticipated an increase in pulled pitches but I assume plate location has something to do with that as well.
  8. I am always confused when people make hitting to the opposite field such a goal or some sort of lofty ideal. In my mind the goal is to drive the ball. If one player does this by pulling the ball and another does this by driving the ball to the opposite field I don't see a difference. If the inability to pull the ball or hit it the other ways dramatically changes how teams pitch to you or defend you then it is something to be addressed but a double left field is the same as a double to right.
  9. I think this is a good direction for the team to go but these type of moves cannot just be limited to guys that are already in Gardy's doghouse but need to go beyond that. A specific example is Blackburn. Nick currently has an ERA of around 7.00 and would be the joke of the rotation if Liriano had not imploded to the extent he did. If Blackburn doesn't turn it around in the next few starts the Twins need to push him in to the bullpen as well.
  10. If I am Scott Baker I leave unless the Twins pick up that option because I do not want my comeback year to be under the supervision of this medical staff. He has already wasted the second half of last year and all of this year on them.
  11. Joe Mauer had some interesting comments to Shooter: http://www.twincities.com/twins/ci_20389452/shooter-now-twins-joe-mauer-didnt-feel-very The frustrating thing is that I don't know how much better of an offseason/spring training he could have had. He shut down early with the flu so he effectively had 4-5 months off with no surgery where he could just get ready for the season. If that isn't sufficient then something is wrong with him.
  12. Stop using the definition of a "save" as the rule for putting in your closer. There are extremely good offensive teams I would want our closer in when we have a 4-5 run lead and really crappy teams where we don't need to burn them when we have a 2-3 run lead.
  13. It has been 20 months now since Morneau had his concussion and he has been awful or injured since then. During his comeback last year his best month was a .723 OPS which would be at the bottom of the league for firstbasemen. He showed up to spring training underweight, can't hit for average, and can't hit for power. At this point I am assuming he is done until he proves otherwise.
  14. The issue is not just the $400,000 that is going out the window but the additional $500,000 we will have to pay one of our in house guys to fill the spot bringing us to almost $1 million. There are a lot of better options on the free agent market for a million that I would have preferred like Chad Qualls or Todd Coffey rather then the 16 pitches from Zumaya and a full season of the Manship at Target Field.
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