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  1. Professionally, we've always used "reversion to the mean" regardless of direction (out-performance or under-performance)
  2. Sounds like the remainder of Spring Training will be suspended
  3. Was in the Bat-cave and the hyperbole alarm went off - had to stop in and see what was happening.
  4. Have we decided yet if Rocco is honest or dishonest?
  5. Yes. And the solution is obvious - if they were smart they would trade prospects and MLB level players for other prospects and other MLB level players
  6. What hat will Graterol wear on his HOF plaque?
  7. I can call success whatever I want to. If the Twins make the playoffs adn I am alive at the end of the season, I'm happy.
  8. A thoughtful article and well written but why would anyone think you were out to dunk on anyone who put out opinions or analysis that shed a negative light upon Rosario this winter? Seem like all opinions should be able to co-exist here and such a disclaimer should be unnecessary.
  9. Seth, thanks for the reminder on Olsen. Looking forward to seeing his progress.
  10. Somebody seems obsessed with NIck Gordon. Getting uncomfortable.
  11. I think you may have said this previously, but I am interested in your source. Most things I have seen have been, as best, educated guesses.
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