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  1. I 100% agree with this sentiment. For me, 2006 was the year. Ryan and company completely lost me that year. That truly was a once in a lifetime type of team, and type of lightning in a bottle streak. Batting champ, MVP, Cy Young, probably the best closer in the game. Cuddyer and Torii may have had their best seasons. And yet...we roll into the playoffs with the decaying corpse of Phil Nevin and Jason Tyner as our DH options. Wayyy pre Twins Daily, I remember getting obliterated for suggesting a Matt Garza for Alfonso Soriano trade on a different site. I'm sure I would still get obliterated by some but I stand by it. Would Soriano have made the difference? No idea. But damn that team deserved it. I think there were Cliff Lee rumors in 2010 as well? Another team that had a real chance. Tl;dr I realize this is a different management team but they seem pretty much as risk averse as previous. I'm remember when Michael Restovich was mostly untouchable. Would be nice to take a shot once in awhile...
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