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  1. If there’s really a logjam perhaps now is the best time to deal from a surplus (Most likely Rooker) rather than let go one of the team’s first serious MVP candidate in quite a while.
  2. Always thought the D-Backs would be a good place for Cave to get consistent ABs. As for Wade, I can’t imagine him getting dealt, if anything he’s probably Cave’s replacement.
  3. I don’t get why the FO haven’t called on Chalmers yet. I mean, Graterol only threw 9.2 innings before pitching a scoreless inning in the ALDS.
  4. Trading Eddie after a down year for most our lineup doesn’t sound like the best plan to win in 2021. Wouldn’t extend him, but I also wouldn’t rely on a rookie to pick up where he left off. My preference would be to have him play out one more season and then QO him; which at 30 years old I’d expect him to reject in favor multi year deal.
  5. Here comes the Rosario trade talk again... While I wouldn’t extend him, I’m not a fan of just handing the keys to either of Rooker, Larnach, or Kirilloff just yet. If it were up to me I’d enjoy one more season of Eddie and then I’d hit him with QO next offseason. As for replacing Gonzalez and Adrianza, while I’m a fan of utilizing guys like Blankenhorn and Astudillo, ultimately I’d pay up for Kiké Hernandez.
  6. Resigning Cruz should be a given, but when it comes to the rest May is the only one I’d prioritize. Despite his struggles lately, getting him on a 2yr/$10M could be a potential bargain.
  7. This is the reason why I want Falvey to take a chance and trade for Edwin Diaz in the offseason. It’s one thing to turn lost causes into serviceable relievers, it’s another to harness the stuff of a relief ace.
  8. I understand that Ray is no ace, but I was interested in seeing what Wes could do with him.
  9. I wasn’t even looking for them to go all in. In fact, I would’ve been fine with just Ray, but I guess Vargas was the only move the FO felt comfortable enough to make... I know the season’s not over, but I can’t help but look ahead into the offseason and impatiently wait for this FO to finally get an ace.
  10. I like Bundy, but I’m not sure I’d feel comfortable giving up a top prospect for him. I’d almost rather take a chance on Eovaldi’s stuff and postseason experience, assuming Bloom is willing to eat part of his contract.
  11. Of all our top tier prospects Larnach is the one that the FO is most willing to deal, although I don’t think that’s gonna happen this time around. When it come to the most realistically tradable player in the system I gotta go with Rooker since he’s an older prospect with no chance for playing time along with the presence of the universal DH, which should increase his value. If there’s ever a time to trade him it’s now.
  12. Enough with the excuses from the FO like “but we got depth at our alternate site,” this team needs to make trade before the deadline if they’re really serious about winning.
  13. I know he just came off the IL, but don’t forget about Sean Doolittle. Definitely could provide similar boost to the team like Romo did last season both on the field and in the clubhouse.
  14. Add another top prospect like Enlow or Canterino for Bauer and Garrett.
  15. I’m not entirely against bringing back Lynn, but I’m much more interested in Ray. Get him acclimated to MN and then sign him to a long term deal in the offseason.
  16. I honestly don’t see Los Angeles trading Bundy after only a handful of starts in a 60 game season. However, while neither have gotten off to a great start like Bundy, I would be just as interested in acquiring either Ray or Eovaldi.
  17. There’s already a possibility of Cave not making the team, so why add another outfielder to the mix?? While I do like the idea of having Buxton insurance, not only do I think we could we do better both internally and externally, but this may not even be necessary until the deadline (dare I say, at all...). Also, instead of trading our young pitching, perhaps we should still be working on bringing more arms into camp since there’s never really having enough, right?? I mean, McHugh is still available.
  18. Assuming the rest of the league views Cave as an everyday player (with 5 years of control), the Twins FO should take advantage of this opportunity and make a deal for another high ceiling arm like Duran or Chalmers.
  19. Nice to see Colina and Alcala to get some recognition, but I’m still holding out hope for Romero to make the club out of ST. However, if we’re talking darkhorse candidates than how about Chalmers??
  20. I really doubt we’ll have a 6 man rotation, but if so it could be an effective way of showcasing Bailey and Chacin to low budget contenders.
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