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  1. I miss Buxton. Bite the bullet. Put him on the 10 day now and rehab the knee fully so he can play everyday in September.
  2. I literally have no clue what's going on. Just when I started to think this FO was competent they go and do this. We not have no shortstop again, our catching got so much worse (Ben Rortvedt is also included in this trade), and now we have a guy at third who can't field. All of this just to save like 15 mil. What in the world.
  3. As the reality of a delayed opening day looks neat, April 5th seems to be the only saving grace. Players who are on 40 man rosters won't be able to play, but which team do you think will be the best and worst?
  4. I'd be all for a Kiner-Falefa trade. He's was kinda pushed to the side when the Rangers signed Marcus Simien and Corey Seager. That would seem to be an interesting trade. However I'd imagine that the Rangers would want a pitching prospect, and who we'd have to give up is my concern.
  5. I think that the Twins will continue to use Nick Gordon in a super utility role. He has shown potential in the outfield while filling in for Buxton, and Gordon could still get his at bats filling in when guys need a day off. Hey, who knows, maybe Gordon proves he can hit consistently and you move him into an everyday role. Keeping him in a utility role to start the season would keep his doors open to where he could slid into every day. An Andrus trade isn't going to be a move in a competitive direction, but it will help to make sure Lewis and Martin aren't pressed into action too soon.
  6. The Twins could move Arreaz and probably get a pitcher or two along with Andrus
  7. Sorry for taking so long to respond and write this. To start off I'd like to address some negatives and positives I've found in an Elvis Andrus trade. First the Positives It's no secret that the Twins probably aren't willing to dish out a 9 figure, 10 year deal to the likes of Carlos Correa or Trevor Story. Behind those, the options to fill in as a bridge to get to our youngsters is slim pickings. An Elvis Andrus trade would do just that. Andrus has spent 13 years in the majors, and is only 33. In this 13 years he as had two all star appearances and owns a .272 batting average. Another positive is his injury history, or lack thereof. For comparison Josh Donaldson has been in the league for 9 years. During those nine years he has spent 207 days in the injured list. Andrus, on the other had has only spend 115 games on the injured list, the majority of which came from an elbow injury; he spent 63 days on the il. It has been reported that the Athletics are looking to ship away some of their key pieces. It's not really a stretch of the imagination that they'd be looking to move on from an older shortstop who is on the downward side of his prime. That being said, the cost of acquiring his services should be decently low. The twins should be able to move a non top 150 prospect in order to aquire him. I think a guy like Chris Vallimont or Cole Sands would be enough. Remember, this move isn't about being competitive. Yes, I know he's older and his stats are on the decline, but we only need him until Lewis and/or Martin are ready for the bigs.
  8. Thirty-three year old short stop, Elvis Andrus, is nearing the end of a 8 year, 120,000,000 dollar extension that he signed in 2016 with the Texas Rangers. Andrus has been a constant and solid defender with complimentary bat to ball skills. Should the Twins make a move to acquire his services until the likes of Royce Lewis and Austin Martin are ready to take the reigns?
  9. I'm all for expanding the league. My question would be is how do we build up their farm system? Do we make anyone not on the 26 man roster free to take, like the rule 5 draft? Do we add on 5-10 players that teams can protect?
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