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    Twins Blogger since May of 2003, frequent contributor on several radio shows around the Upper Midwest, hosted several Twins and Twins minor league related podcasts, TwinsCentric member, author the the annual Minnesota Twins Prospect Handbook, father of a 11-year old daughter.
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  1. Contemplating how far the Twins are from contention and what that means in terms of how much they should trade in July. 

    1. tony&rodney


      Last November my gut reaction was that the Twins needed to make some strategic changes in their philosophy. Defense and more contact with an emphasis on the bullpen were my thoughts at the time. The Twins doubled down on their style of play and now it feels like they will need a streak of some sort, say 15-5 or 25-8 to get back to the pack up front. Without a surge, doesn't it feel like major trades are coming?

      How much? This is a question of money and how much the Pohlads feel can be invested in the next season. A budget of $150 million for 2022 would allow the Twins to hold on to some players this July unless the return is very attractive. A fiscal policy of maintaining the $120 million plus payroll might see all of the players in their  final year and a few others jettisoned.

      It's not late yet but it's getting there. The Tuesday night loss to the Orioles exposed every hole. The sun will come up tomorrow. I, too, have wondered about the distance and reactions to come in July.

    2. Brock Beauchamp

      Brock Beauchamp

      I'm actually coming to the point where I think moving both Buxton and Berrios is the smartest move going forward. If they get the right return, they could return to respectability as soon as 2023, maybe contend for the division again in 2024.

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