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  1. Morny should have watched that pitch. He got too agressive and paid for it....
  2. We should have called up Brain Dinkelman....
  3. Brewers send Francisco Rodriguez (K-rod) to the Baltimore O's for Nick Delmonico, a former 6th round pick infielder who was ranked 4th in their system. He's at high A ball. So, anybody think that's around what we could get for Burton/Fien/Perkins? (obviously more for Perkins...)
  4. Too bad Brendan Harris was DFA'd recently. I wanted to see him playing with the Angels again.
  5. It's a fluke. Like, for example, we are 12-4 on Saturdays!! So everyone, don't go to Twins games on Fridays, because we have a much better chance winning on Saturday!
  6. Tom Kelly is a baseball genius, but he's dry, and not very entertaining to a non-baseball aficionado. I wouldn't want him in there 140 games, but I could live with him once a week. He should be in the dugout, evaluating talent.... (which I believe he is doing some of)
  7. Who wants a old batter with no position on the field and can only bat .209? So many strikeouts hurts a batting order. Plus who wants to pay $2.9M for him? Ronny Cedeno was the other guy. He's a good infielder defensively but batted .220. (Jamey Carrol anyone? The Astros couldn't get anything for Cedeno...) Back on topic, I want to see Hendriks again. I could go without seeing Hernandez until September. Plus Pedro is rehabbing with Worley right now.
  8. If he does, I just sure hope he won't flounder like Vance Worley. Ugh. He'll likely get two more starts. Hopefully Drew Butera gets DFA'd for Albers.
  9. I think the problem is Cleveland isn't very good. And I guess that includes their defense, but their pitching and hitting will fall out too.
  10. Anybody think that the Indians actually aren't that good? And that's why we're winning?
  11. It's definitely time to play some baseball today! Let's get crushed by the Indians!
  12. Actually there's a higher chance he gets traded rather than not. It sounds like the Twins are willing to give up a bag of balls for him. (Of course, the last 'bag of balls' was Pedro Hernandez and Eduardo Escobar...) The Marlins sure didn't play motivated last year. Guillen isn't any good, repeating what everyone else has said here.
  13. I never understood why we let Jesse Crain go. Outside of that, the only other one who should be on this team is J. J. Hardy. But I am somewhat depressed.
  14. What if Hughes accepts the deal? Do the Yankees/Twins want to pay Hughes $13M in one year?
  15. I would say not good enough for a gold glove, but he's been great. I wonder if Dozier has a shot at a gold glove too?
  16. Looking at that list I wonder if Hiroki Kuroda would be signable next year... Of course, the Yanks will sign him for $20M a year. Hopefully we can find a #3-4 starter in this FA class.
  17. If it works, don't change it. Dozier has been good at 2B. Don't move him. When the new prospects arrive, Gardy will deal with it. It's not that much of an issue.
  18. I know this. I just wanted that spot to be filled by a prospect, or maybe a DFA'd player. (Jair Jurrjens anyone?) And I'm not trying to justify the move. I was trying to give my idea of the rationale of TR and Gardy.
  19. My rationale on the situation is: Eduardo Escobar isn't batting well enough/outmatched at the plate so much that he needs bats in AAA, where he can start at the now wide open SS position. Doug Bernier.... is now a 5th string infielder. He won't be playing much, and that's okay. The thought is that the young prospects should be starting, whether that be MLB level or AAA, and the veterans can back up. They don't need starts like the younger ones do. Not sure I like him on the 40 man roster though....
  20. So like Chris Davis and Tommy Hunter?
  21. Alex Meyer is struggling in AA and injured. No reason to see him/add him to the 40-man roster yet. Blackburn makes me cringe, I sure hope I never have to see him again. TR better not decide to add him to the 40-man and lose a prospect for him.
  22. But the question is will Deduno be able to keep up his success. Should we trade him while his value is high? It's very possible he crashes and burns next season.
  23. I just had the craziest idea. Should the Twins trade Sam Deduno? Let's review the stats/facts. Before he beat the Yanks today, he had a 3.90 ERA with 1.319 WHIP with 4.6 K/9. and 2.8 BB/9. He's 29 years old and has a cheap contract. (somebody can fill in if/when he's a FA or has arbitration) So is he part of the "future" of the team? Will he be apart of the rotation in 2015 when he's 31? Can he keep his pitchs together, or should we trade him before he falls apart? Deduno is doing very well and might fetch a decent price on the trade market. His cheap contract makes him extra lucrative, plus, a team with a pitching staff that knows what it's actually doing could raise his K/9 rate up dramatically. (of course the BB/9 would go up too naturally) So what do you guys think?
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