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  1. Below is a list of pitchers I don't think the Twins can rely on. Unless your okay with a 5.0+ ERA. I could be wrong, but what I've seen is they just don't have it Current Pitchers on the roster Shaun Anderson J.A. Happ Derek Law Matt Shoemaker Much talked about prospects. Randy Dobnak Lewis Thorpe note: I had a previous account but could not recover. I could be wrong, we can always do an update.
  2. I like Romero. He throws around 98+. They just have to get him straightened out..
  3. Escobar & Ramos. The 2 stand out to me..
  4. Yes I like Trevor. I got is Bowman Chrome red refractor. Hope the trend continues
  5. I am prepared to be disappointed.. It's always the same old story, the Twins were in on the deal but just missed out. I thought we had some cap room, but I guess we are on the Pohlad's payroll so this is nothing new.
  6. I am shocked at the lack of moves in the off-season so far. Pohlad's are going to look cheap if there's nothing big like Donaldson.
  7. Littell isn't that good. Look at his minor-league numbers. About 4 ERA over double and triple A. Stashak had a bad night and Gibson isn't very good starting or in the bullpen.
  8. He's underappreciated for reason, look at the company he is in. It's unfortunate he has never reached his full potential and dealt with numerous injuries. I welcome a change and wish him the best of luck in the future..
  9. Berrios Odorizzi Pineda Smeltzer, Graterol, Dobnak TBD That's a good lineup. Unless were going to open the wallet
  10. I'm hoping this is one of last times we see Gibson. He has had one good year and every other year has been above 4 ERA. He actually broke off talks with the twins on an extension. We might have saved ourselves from a terrible deal.
  11. FO really hindered the season by not acquiring any high-caliber relievers. Not sure what they were thinking..
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