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  1. that was quick. I thought Twins relievers were supposed to let a couple runners on to make things interesting.
  2. Where did Whitefiled come from? I hadn't heard of him til the start of the season
  3. last trade between STL and MIN according to B-ref June 11, 2002. The Minnesota Twins traded Warren Morris to the St. Louis Cardinals for a player to be named later. The St. Louis Cardinals sent Seth Davidson (minors) (June 20, 2002) to the Minnesota Twins to complete the trade. last significant trade was bruno/herr
  4. Anyone know why Buxton isn't in the lineup tonight after only playing one game?
  5. I do like the extra pumped in crowd noise and the music and stuff between batters and pitches. feels like less dead air during the broadcast.
  6. I heard that he should be taking live BP tomorrow. Not sure if his bat will be ready for opening day but if he's healthy enough to play he should be in the line up. His bat will catch up soon enough.
  7. What are you? An octopus? Pineda seems to have gone 5-6 innings most of the year, if he goes out for the 6th and gives up the lead the commentary here is much different and questioning why he wasn't pulled sooner. I think it's a fine line of when to leave a pitcher in and when to pull him. Always easier to dissect the decision after the fact. The bullpen has been much stronger lately weather that's due to weaker opponents or just pitching better I'm not sure. Either way keep it up and go Twins!!
  8. Last night felt like the closest thing to a quality start from a Twins starter in a while. 1 bad inning and 1 bad pitch cost the game. He should've pitched around Abreu in that situation. But if a few more balls drop or or something squeaks through then the story of the game is much different. On the Sano play if all of us are debating that play this much and can't come up with convincing evidence that it should've been reversed there is no way the umps would have overturned it during the game. It was a tough break play that Chicago pulled off defensively. Overall Chicago made enough good plays on defense to win the game. Tough loss in a very winnable game, go get 'em tonight (if the rain holds off)
  9. Schoop is a nice player with some value. Arraez is still a very young player and could hit a slump at some point and having a capable backup is worth having around. I think one of the most impressive things about this team this year is all the depth in the lineup. After going to so many lean years with not much more than speed defensive replacements on the bench it's been so refreshing to see a bench full of guys who could hit in any situation. It's fun to have options.
  10. Hicks had to make the play of his life in order to save that game. He ran faster to make that catch than any other out he's made this year. per espn
  11. Rogers should have started the 9th, Harper should've finished the 8th, or at least gotten 1 or 2 outs.
  12. I can handle the Sano strike outs as long as some hit come along with them. There haven't been too many hits from him lately but that was a key bomba tonight. One of his strkeouts tonight came on 2 low ball pitches that should've been called balls but called strikes instead.
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