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  1. Blindeke, are you the famous writer of the “Parking lots of Minneapolis”? I’m a huge fan.
  2. Hey! What if we’re going about this all wrong? What if we went the other way with the season? What if we intentionally LENGTHENED it? just imagine for a moment: pitchers hemming and hawing on the mound; batters calling endless timeouts to take their gloves off and put them on again. Checks to first base to hold a runner, even when there isn’t a runner there! Games might stretch into 1am with repeated calls for reviews of groundout tags and argued balls/strikes. —Not too hard to imagine, is it? Games are already too long, so why not use it to our advantage? What if Rocco suddenly called for a spot check of the pitcher because he “saw something fishy”? Twice. In the same inning! How would the broadcast booth react if Max Kepler trotted into the outfield wearing a diaper because “this might be awhile”? Would umpires be shocked if Jorge stepped out of the box “for a little shuteye”? Perhaps each reliever (and there’s lots of em!) could warm up on the mound, then shake their head and go back to the pen, muttering “it’s not clicking yet.” Maybe Joe Mauer returns to Target field to highlight a couple “real sweet deals” on a “barely” used 2010 Ford Taurus? Even upper management could help out by changing the 7th inning stretch into the 7th inning siesta. Make all the seats reclinable? —Maybe we could offer to play everyone else’s double-headers! Bobble-head day becomes free haircut on the field day. First 10,000 fans through the door get to shake Kenta Maeda’s hand, in person and between innings (while a guy in a tux and golden microphone introduces each of them). Night games take a break to turn off the lights and “enjoy the night sky for awhile”. We could even use psychological warfare and shorten every game to 6 innings in an effort to speed up the game (only to introduce Cricket rules!) We could have more… …Joe Mauer! —Maybe he makes a short speech everyday before the game on topics close to his heart, like… Fish. And… car. It’d be great! “Leadership chats” we could call them, and they’d be ghosted by Kent Hrbeck, and it’d be full of funny Greg Gagne jokes. Would the White Sox eventually surrender? Probably not. But Kansas City might! And they would be annoyed. Oh, they’d be white-hot mad! And that sounds pretty good to me. And so does haircut day, that’d be better than a “gently” used 2010 Jeep Cherokee with under 200,000 miles. (Call Joe Mauer for a quote.)
  3. Vanimal, that’s exactly the question I asked a week ago! Alas, it would seem we are in the minority of fans who enjoy daytime sports? most of the responses I got were focused on the prime-time television money, or the regional aspect of baseball, even though I disagree with those. (I suppose I cannot argue with whatever makes the most money, though I still think baseball is better during the day.)
  4. Man, its sad to hear so few fans enjoy watching games outside of their favorite team. I guess if that’s the way it is then staggering games throughout the day wouldn’t make sense. Maybe its my predilection for fantasy baseball talking, but I do enjoy having other games on, watching touted rookies, aged veterans, drunkards, the rare Cespedes game, and otherwise compelling matchups while working. But I suppose myself alone in this, which should not be surprising anymore. —I don’t suppose anyone else talks to their robot vacuum? Yours in Sporting Health, Brent “Solitary day game watcher” Doyle
  5. Lecroy24fan, I totally agree! There should be staggered games on weekdays & weekends for those of us that enjoy watching multiple games. It doesn’t make much sense to have a Friday lineup that has 6 games that essentially start at 5:30pm Central and 9 games that start around 6:30pm. How can anyone enjoy that lineup (provided Paw Patrol isn’t on)? I don’t understand why Football staggers their games throughout the day, and even Basketball has daytime playoff games scheduled (thanks Casey), yet baseball just rolls everyone out at 7pm?
  6. Doesn’t it seem like the MLB missed on a slam dunk by not scheduling more day games (see any weekday games)? When we have more people working from home, staying indoors in the evenings, and playoff basketball and hockey (as unreal as that is) doesn’t it seem ludicrous that there aren’t more (if not MOST) day games being played during the week? Why did baseball get this so backwards? Listening to baseball on the radio is a national pastime, as is watching a day game, and yet with more and more people either stuck at home during the day due to COVID or the changing work environment (more jobs being done from home) the MLB decided to fight playoff basketball and playoff hockey during prime time television hours EVERY DAY of he week! sorry, I’m just curious if I’m the only person that feels this way. Enjoy your dinner and tiny tablet screen-viewing. Brent (Twins fan living in nyc).
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