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    Hi I'm steve, 24, single caucasion male...living in SoDak. I've been a Twins fan all my life, am partially obsessed, know not only the Twins minor leaguers and Major leaguers, but also know every team in the games top minor league talent and ML rosters. I have in-depth knowledge of player personell and what they do on the field. A Good memory is of my father spoken during the '87 world series he was holding his new born son (me) while watching the Twins go on to be World Champions, and he jumped up during a big play and had me fall only to catch me before hitting the ground.
    haaha but i think i'm sure i hitt my head hard that day, it can only explain the way i am today.
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    DIE HARD TWINS FAN - aka SteveHoffmanSlowey


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    Outdoors, Baseball, Fishing, battlefield 3 & 4,


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  1. At this point, the 2019 Twins are 100% Based on rebounds from players to their 2017 forms. In order to have a successful club this yr. Gibson , Rosario and maybe Berrios May are some examples that we're great in '18... But nearly everyone else, including the newcomers need to go back in time. I have the White Sox 2nd in division right now: Cleveland 89-73 Chicago. 84-78 Minnesota 82-80 Detroit. 75-87 K.c. 72-90 Dylan Cease and Eloy Jimenez are unfathomably good young players that can take the Rodons, Nova's and Erv Santana's to next level... Kopech could help them Late season as well... Also Chicago probably has best bullpen in division. If healthy , fairly easily.
  2. My Twins' list 1) Lewis (@-) 2) Romero (B+) 3) Gordon ( 4) Gonsalves ( 5) Javier. (B-) 6) Kirilloff (B-) 7) Rooker (b-) 8) Graterol (b-) 9) Jay. (b-/ C+) 10) Wade. (high floor) 11) Enlow. (C++) 12) Thorpe (C+) 55 13) Badoo (C+) 55 14) Littell (C+) 55 15) Diaz. (C+) 50 16) Blankenhorn c+ 17) Jorge. c+ 18 thru 25 Arraez, Garver , Bechtold , Pearson, Stewart , T. Watson , J. Miranda , J. Curtiss.
  3. Indians got all world hitter 1b/dh type Yonder Alonso and we got Swiss cheese Logan Morrison. Cleveland being aggressive in FA and us waiting around was a Huge Loss for us in that regard (but only in this case)
  4. I Really hope Logan Morrison proves me wrong. But I've Never Liked his Swiss Cheese Bat. He's a Swiss army knife in the worst way. There are more holes in his bat than a mouse bitten piece of stinky Swiss Cheese... As a Mariner and even a T.B. Ray last year I loved when our pitchers got to face him... Easy out or K. Maybe a long long foul ball once in a while. Kenny's Vargas should be getting these AB's fairly soon if Lo Mo or LoL Mo can't at least start drawing walks like he's supposed to be doing. Hack away LoMo but not 3 + times a game.
  5. Good read , and I agree 2+ years ago I was unsure , even upset we chose Castro vs K. Suzuki , Wilson Ramos ECT ( who were FA's). However , I can say the Front Office was proven Right . Castro has dynamically improven the pitching staff vs Kurt Suzuki , Mike Redmond , Ryan Doumit yrs. I'd rank mlb catchers as follows: 1) Posey. 2) J.t. Realmuto 3) Sal Perez 4) Gary Sanchez 5) Wilson Contreras 6) Yad Molina 7) Jon Lucroy 8) Wilson Ramos 9) Brian McCann 10) Yaz Grandal After that Jason Castro is right there with guys like Gomes, Avila, Zunino, Vogt , Cervelli & the FA the Chi Six signed..
  6. If Vargas had 600 AB's like Lo Mo had last year . I bet he'd hit 30+ bombs too and you would think his batting average would be a bit better than Morrison's .245 ish but Looks lo Mo has more speed and a better OB %
  7. Mine: Catchers : Castro, Garver (2) Infielders: Mauer, Morrison, Dozier , Polanco , Sano , Escobar, Aybar , Vargas. (8) Outfielders: (4) Rosie, Buck yeah , Mad Max , Rob Grossman Pitchers: (11) Berrios, Odorizzi , Lynn, Gibson Rodney, Reed , Rogers , Pressly , Duke , Kinley or Duffey* , Hughes. Hildenberger in AAA , erv santana, t. may, m. Pineda on DL
  8. 7 Relievers w/ Hughes as the long-man. *** Hildenberger*** starting yr. off as 8th inning set-up guy for AAA Rochester . (prob just April and maybe May)
  9. My prediction Catchers: Castro , Wilson (2) Infielders: Mauer, Morrison, Vargas, Dozier, Polanco , Escobar , Sano , Aybar. (8) Outfielders: Rosie, Buck Ya , Max Robbie Grossman (4) Pitchers SP : Berrios, Odorizzi, Lynn, Gibson (4) Relievers : Rodney, Pressly , Reed , Duke , Rogers , Kinley , Hughes Top AAA options : Garver , Ehire Adrianza , Nick Gordon , Zach Granite , Curtiss, Slegers ,May , Gonsalves , Romero, Moya , Reed.
  10. Can't judge anything untill 2021 or 2022 about the '17 draft + Pearson and Banuelos
  11. Great trade . stuff Wise Odorizzi reminds me of Brad Radke... Odorizzi is what I thought Kevin Slowey would have become. Odorizzi to me, is a #2 or legit #3. Starter... Those that try to knock him down to a #4 or even a strong #5. Don't know what the heck they're talking about. Try facing Yankees, Red Sox , Orioles and Blie Jay's lineups / hitters ~ 65 times a year in which probably 10 or 11 of Odo's starts were against
  12. This trade shows that teams value top prospects and players of Youth at an all-time high and put a premium on them as opposed to simply going out and signing a player via FA to a contract to maybe fill a short term void. Add in the fact Palacios who I'm sure mlb.com or mlbpipeline (Mayo , Manuel , Callis) would have ranked inside the Twins top 15 or so prospects... (Updated list to be released next week) AND is a Short-Stop. Makes Palacios a bigger value add to a small market team like the Rays than initially meets the eye. The other interesting part is the Rays Just recently signed Int. F.A. Wander Franco away from us who also is a young SS. - A Prospect with a higher cieling than Wander Javier.
  13. Or simply put, the twins like Landon Leach's young fresh arm and Rookers senior polished bat a bit more than Sam Carlson and his 'unique' but hardly repeatable delivery Carrlson could be the next Alex Meyer or just as easily Daniel moskos.
  14. * Byron's pinkie finger is covering handle of bat =. Not good.
  15. Pretty ridiculous assessment. Max Kepler is no cf he's a rf, 1b type who at best would struggle in lf. Cf is a once a month play at best. What I want to see is Byron Buxton choke up on the bat! If Byron does that the swing path isn't as long and time consuming as it is now . Currently. His left hand bottom hand is ponkie finger and some palm over or on-line of the handle of the bat!!!! How ridiculous is that? Especially w 2 strikes on him. Come on James Rowson plz correct this!!¡ Ty. Good for. Buxton choke up!!!! Look at bryzzo. They choke up 1/2 the bat. Buxton doesn't need to hit it 400 ft ever. Ty.
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