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  1. Not sure the "professional coaches" are plentiful at the higher levels.
  2. We stink. I agree with darwin22.... We seem like the walking dead.
  3. How about Killer Kirilloff?
  4. Recent revelations out of Manfreds office indicate Yankees used electronic communications to gain an unfair advantage on opponents. I thought so all along. How about we get a few high draft picks of theirs?
  5. I've gone to spring training the last 3 years. Had no trouble getting a ticket to any game I went to except a bit tight at the Red Sox stadium. With the small amount of people let in this year, I may not go. Driving down from CT.
  6. Personally, I think he's got a steep decline in front of him, so unless he accepts ~10 million, I'd say it's not happening.
  7. Be reminded that the MLBPA agreed to the rules of service time at the last CBA. Probably got something in return also for that. Plus the older established players usually agree to rules that affect the up and comers but not themselves. So the veterans play a role in the implementation of rules that seem less than ideal for the young guys.
  8. I'm not tickled about Arraez being the new 10th man. If his knee continues to be a problem it won't help being in left field. Best to start looking at trade options (pitching). We could use a fireballer or two.
  9. So, regarding Cruz and his natural and normal decline. He had trouble last year especially late. The knee was part of it. The reason we don't see any hitter doing well near or in the 40's (with very rare exception) is usually vision. The eyes ability to change focus hits the wall around that time. I think he's hit that wall. Just won't be able to consistently focus well enough on pitches with movement and speed. I say use internal options and spend on a starter, a couple of relievers and the utility guy or a new shortstop.
  10. I thought almost everything changed has to be "approved" by the MLBPA. Why should the owners take a loss with no gameday receipts and other losses and the players lose nothing. Seems the owners have to take all the risk. NOT A GOOD PLAN!
  11. Agreed. Prospects for DH. Use the money for pitching.
  12. Our hitters seem to be in a daze, instead of being prepared and locked in. Let's go !
  13. https://www.gettyimages.com/detail/photo/choked-on-an-olive-pit-royalty-free-image/157393649
  14. Replay of the Sano catch then glove collision was not a "tag play". Sano had his foot on the bag when he caught it.
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